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Adventure Mode: Weekend Fun in the Sun


“No Ands Ifs Or Buts A weekend Full Of Love, Excitement, Joy and Peace.”


“Things I’d wanted to do all summer. Things that were dismissed. Ignored and tabled. False promises and plans that left me realizing his selfish stance. Claims and desires to do so much yet never fulfilling.”


As some of you know, I spent this past weekend in the mountains and camping in good company. Aside, from scheduling a few posts to remain consistent, I really didn’t do much but simply relax, enjoy and remember:

That despite the false promises made, I achieved my desires not with a toxic partner by my side but with my lovely peeps who this said partner claimed were toxic for me. (He can’t isolate me anymore😉)

It was amazing.

I reset.

I did … me.

Without judgement


Or scrutiny.

#GoodVibesOnly and #GoodCompany


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