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The Pebbles In The Puddle

“I think about that day in disgust: I’d come home from work and he was instantly attempting to be intimate with me. I’d smelled another woman’s scent on him, and when he pulled it out, he was still wet as though he’d just finished a session with someone else. He wanted me to put it in my mouth, I couldn’t. It grossed me out. He got upset when I pulled the stop. I wasn’t about to subdue myself to a gnarly experience. I couldn’t help but wonder… what type of sick desire is that? To move from one woman to another unclean and dirty… to have as many woman as possible in one day…

Pieces #184


He speaks truth


I’d given my all.

More than he’d deserved.

Overlooked many flaws

Not for this or that


I’d chosen to

To love him genuinely

To nurture him properly

Shower him with my affection

My loyalty





To give him things

He’d often complained

No one else had given.

All for him to acknowledge

I was different


To turn around

And mistreat me for it

Taking me for granted.

Choosing others over me

Going behind my back

Deceiving me.


Holding standards over me


He himself

Could not abide.


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