“Your garden”

“My garden.”

Rule of thumb:

“Those who move on to another quickly, are typically the individuals in the union who were cheating.”


“To bounce from one individual to the next, to the next, to the next… to the next… to… the… next…Doesn’t one up anyone. It merely shows weakness and darkness in ones soul.



“One cannot successfully grow when one does not have stability of their own. Within. Without. All around. Pick a garden already and water your lawn.”


“She plants her own seeds. Lays out the ground work, for that which is unseen. Quite beautiful and serene. Those of privy, know the course. For they ride the waves along with the horse.”

“As the fruit bears, he shall not know. For he made his choice. Denounced of his throne.”

“Lost his place. He cannot regain. Any essence. Of that illuminating space”

Left behind. He sits in his hel. Grasping for straws. While the glory unfolds, a better story without his groans.”

“She never sat perched where he dillusionarily expected her to lurk, For, the moment he crumbled, she stood up tall.”

“Trekked the journey back to her tribe: Reef reminded her she’d merely survived. A battle, not with a human but that of a lower…level…demon. While, Bry embraced her with open arms, “Welcome back beautiful, you survived the war.”

Bigger. Brighter. Stronger.

Than ever

“No longer remaining”

“Where he’d left her.”

“Gone with the wind like a breeze on a whim, she floated gracefully into her… next…hymn. Not looking back, and in no need of a foe. Merely embarking with right relations in tow.

To my tribe. Mi familia, my bloggerverse alike…

“I stand before you transformed and reborn.”

The reckoning:

“Inevitably he shall reap what he’s sewn.

All Right Reserved 8.31.21

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