“He allowed the drugs and alcohol to destroy everything in his life.”

“It makes it easier for him to place blame for his strife.”

“He fears responsibility more than anything in this world.”

“For it would force him to admit he’s his own foe.”


[Such a profound post I stumbled upon yesterday. These two gentleman hit it on the top of the nail. This educating post by another blogger struck some intelligent responses regarding the matter.]

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19 thoughts on “Speak

  1. henhouselady says:

    Drugs and alcohol can destroy a person’s life. The issue is denial. First, the person will deny they have a problem. Then they blame everyone in their life for the mess they are in. The only way they will get well is to seek help. It’s sad to watch someone destroy themselves.

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    • 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️ says:

      He sure doesn’t like being written about. It triggers him. His gaslights come out HEAVY. Thanks Matthew. Your name came out weird again. I still Always know it’s you probs the same way I know each fake account HE makes is him


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