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Dead Weight

To The guy who thought he could hurt me with the word goodbye….


He thought he was grand with his childish games. He didn’t anticipate, that she’d no longer … see him… as a gain.”

“Now he whines as she calls him out. Not a leg, nor a fiddle he has nothing to stand on.”

Tit for tat

“He pleads as he bleeds.”

“Begging and prodding. Hey! Over here! Look at me!!!”

“Sulking alone in his despair. Hoping to poke, in the hopes that he strokes.”

“An emotion…He cannot hone.”

Lo and be hold…

“It is his demise”

“He pitifully spews his own misdeeds. While he constantly hounds… through his own sad chivvys.. behind these cries. He measly grieves. An attempt to scar an unbothered woman.”

“All the while. Tail remains tucked. He klinks and Klanks the cowards walk.”

“His loneliness screams… through listless seams. His only desire, to get a leg up.”

Talking that “big” talk about “don’t come crawling back” not realizing… the daily gaslight, that’s all him.”

“A battle cry of a lonely Keyboard warrior.”

The reality check:

“Don’t come at me unless the intent is remorse.”

“Rectify it or stay off her course.”

“Until you fare in a fight with a REAL man, not the petite woman you lashed out on… to feel like one. Take a seat in the back. Cause’ us adults be out here… adulting.”


I stared at the river in awe. Smiling at the scenery of a promising new day. Jen handed me some campfire tea and asked, what are you thinking on?” I smiled brighter than I had in a while, “Oh you know…freedom.” She smiled back in stun, “You know Wise your the strongest woman I know. I hope you realize how admirable you are.” I looked into her eyes with skepticism. “What’s wrong Wise?” She asked in surprise. I remarked, “After all the insults and ill will E shredded through me, how he’d treated me, twisting things around on me and deflected everything… he had me questioning my own integrity.… “Wise! Your talking about a fool who never even took the time to get to know you. All he wanted was to use you.” I stared into the river and softly spoke, “Gnarrrr” Jen laughed and responded, “ worse than gnar. He’s worse than the scum you scrape off your shoe. Wise! He’s sick. He’s twisted. Fucked in the head. Why do you think he can’t stay sober for even a year. The dude can’t even sustain a healthy relationship with his kids much less a woman. He’s the unstable one.”I shook my head, “man! I stood by this guy in a huge way and all I got in return was shit.” Jen giggled, “Exactly! Because he’s a piece of shit! You know what happens to shit?” I looked at her in confusion and said, “What?” Her face grew serious as she spoke her words with conviction,

“Shit gets flushed.”


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