“A wise person once told me, if you can’t take what you dish out, don’t dish it in the first place.”


AssUMake of yourself- Presuming-Theories- In- Own- Senselessness

“An even wiser man once told me, “The truth hurts those who are living in it”

“The truth, riles his demons.”


“He attempted to gaslight her.”

“Not expecting her to bounce back so quickly into her power.

“She turned around and gave him a taste of his own medicine.”

“He didn’t like it.”

“He cannot separate… her story from his … pleading desires”


“Himself, his insecurities, issues and problems unto her and others.”

“A bleeding Hope that it’ll hurt them because…it hurts him.”


“Drowning… as he gasps for air”


“Grasp on what once was there”

“Throwing ‘stones’ …yet”

“Missing the mark.”


She still embarks”

“Better off …without his tar

“That reality”

“Breaks his heart”


“Good luck with that…

“Tainted garden”


“One who codependently, uses drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and people to self medicate their unhealed wounds.”

Photo credit: BRY Linked post featured image BLU.

P.S find something better to do with your life other than drugging, drinking, creating hundreds of fake accounts and copying other people’s writing.

“Quality versus quantity”

Just sayin’ 😄😉


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