“He pays more attention to me now than he ever did when we were together”


Speaking her truth

“She survived a relationship with a narcissistic addict.”

“She writes to tell her story, through her…healing.”

“Not once does she speak his name, or blast photos and proof of his sins.”

“Carry I’ll will or intent.”

“THAT would be petty. That would be vindictive”


His true colors

“He manipulated her, pretended quite well, lied, deceived, betrayed, mistreated, took for granted, bullied, degraded, belittled, used and abused her.”

“Carries ill will and intent”

“No matter how much he wants to deny it.. deep down …he knows …. It’s his.

“For, she was only… for him…”

“He knew this.”

“Not something he could reciprocate ”

“He blames her for doing what he was doing”

“Yet behaves entitled to righteousness”

“He writes not to …heal…but to backlash, “one up” insult, claim victim hood, blame, deflect, gaslight and berate.”

“He attempts to steal styles and ideas, ride on curtails, make up insults, that he hopes will hurt and affect her.”

“Not being his authentic self”

The crux

“ We both know it’s a rouse”

Point blank

“You and I are not the same”

“He didn’t like that mirrored medicine very much.”

“He’s arrogant enough to think she was doing it to actually get a hold of him. Don’t worry 😉 you did exactly what I hoped you would do 👍”

“He tried his hardest to spy”

“Sent people her way to check up on her … for him”

“He didn’t realize she was too smart for him”

“So she sent them back with lies for him”

“Also didn’t realize… all these years… she’d been building apart from him“

“She once told him, “I’ll let you in the garden if you can break down all the walls.”

“Never made it passed the third door”

“What she’s got going on, he’ll never know. He didn’t prove himself worthy to be let in.”

“She’d also expressed to him, she worried he would deceive and betray her as he once did so long ago.”

“He placed his hand on her heart and stated with conviction, I would never do anything to hurt you, betray or deceive you. Your safe with me.”

“Yet went back to Denver and pulled his antics.”

“A lie. He’s good at those”

“I was never safe with him. He didn’t carry genuine intent.”

The threat

He said, “ Be grateful ALL you needed were stitches”

Truth be told

“Be grateful she don’t blast that name and proof of sins all up in This Bizzness”

At every speed bump… he couldn’t wait to give up

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