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More like attempted to break.

I remember when we first reconnected. How he spoke so highly of himself. How through the last four years he’d dissed on the ex so much, upholding this big talk about how much better of a man he could be for me, how much better of a dad he his, etc. There was so much talk of bliss…..


I may have stepped into his life in a huge way, but for him, I was merely a conquest. One he couldn’t control himself with.

“He’d visited sober once. Stayed for the weekend. When he returned back home, he grew frustrated from missing her. Started proposing he needed her in is everyday life. Suddenly he was speaking of fulfilling this “itch” Within a week, he was acting weird, soon after that, dropping off and deceiving her. He’d relapsed after having a taste of her. Showing his inability to handle experiencing her and missing her.”

“Ten months into sobriety…”

“He couldn’t handle it”

“Even though he’d come down to stay with her a month later, he’d already relapsed. The drugs and alcohol had changed him.”

“Despite his claims of “he needed her” his behavior sang a different tune. He was unable to sail the seas of a woman’s heart. In fact, he himself began to fall apart. Drugging and drinking behind her back, slowly escalating and falling off this track.”

“He hid it from her because HER opinion of HIM mattered the most to him in this world. or so he said. He hid it because she supported his sobriety not his demise.”


Actions speak louder than words

“As soon as those drugs hit, he began to shift. He was no longer the same CHAD she’d met. He began to treat her poorly. He started becoming wreck-less, with his choices, decisions, behaviors and love.

Eventually making her feel as though, all he’d ever wanted was fuck her, pretend to love her, use her up as much as he could get out of her, then beat the shit out of her and dip.”

“Turns out, he’s irresponsible with himself and others”

The thing is: he’s so obsessed with what I’m doing now, it’s quite clear he still feels like this….

A photo he sent me a few days after we consummated.

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15 thoughts on “Venom

  1. Frodot-sat1 says:

    Stay strong my friend. The dictates of others do not define us. We’re given the gift of chose. Your choice from what I see is the strength to say ‘No more!’. Stay strong!

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