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The Bang

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Writing group continued….


Along the riverbank.

A story streams.

Quite the excruciating kind

Somewhat obscene.

Through the waterfalls…. and… The glint of the streams.

He grasped the luscious jewels. Hidden within the seams.

In the depths.

Of the enchanted forest he has seen

Upon receiving

He became quite greedy

Indulged in the forbidden fruit.

Waterlogged himself.

Rejoiced in celebration.

As he

Forcefully stole a crown.

He became bound.

By the chains of destiny.

She remained

Perplexed and amused

For his glimmer of truth.

A war call of brute corruption.

A nature, not smooth.

But rather.


He’d clutched the Guardian.

Such like a boa constrictor rends.

A fading glimpse.

She recoiled with resistance. Once a connection deeper than… A modern love.

Similar wavelengths.

Began to numb

For, his internal struggle.

Started dragging him down.

They’d began to feed his debacle.

He’d lost to the demons.

Unable to see through the quirks.

Unwilling and unable to make anything work.


Without a cause.

His vicious tongue.

Revealed his unhealthy claws

Of Addiction.

She began to yearn.

For freedom…

From this curse. ..Yet…

In his rebellion.

He spun with turpitude.

Enacted revenge.

Fed her the poison.

With no remorse or penance. Attempted to kill her….

Inner Buddha.

Fight or flight.

He began his departure.

Where, once Stardust intertwined.

He’d regressed as he crumbled.

He succumbed.

The cosmic destruction..

He merely grasps for straws.

As he resurfaces to his affliction.

In hopes of making her accountable…

For his own dark actions. Holding the wilting flowers

As he becomes engraved.

Simmering in the memories

He’s lost through his shame.

That of a beautiful union.

He’d chosen to destroy. Preparing the table… of.



Within the Galaxy of….

The Big Bang.

©All rights reserved. August 2021


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