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He spieled the threats

Not skipping a step

Got up in my face

With promises to hit.

Didn’t back down

Acted a clown

He lost his wig

And blew a fuse

A ticking time bomb

His mind is loose

Left me worse than bruised.


Real growth and healing comes from understanding where WE as the individual go wrong in situations. That’s called accountability. I know where I went wrong that night but do you know where you went wrong?

He’ll never hear my responsibilities taken unless he’s willing to take his.


“He rushed me, hoping to punch my glasses into my face hard enough that they would shatter in my eyes. Days before, he’d kept speaking about an incident he experienced where a woman had her glasses shattered in her eyes. I never once thought that he’d carry intentions like that for me.”

“After he punched me straight on, I fell back onto the ground. Stunned, it took me a moment to sit back up. He stood over me waiting to see if I was going to sit back up or stay down.”

“The moment I sat back up. He rushed back in. I screamed for help in this moment and that made him so angry, he grabbed my arms hard, picked me up and threw me onto the bed. He proceeded to punch me. Not once, not twice. Not a handful, More than a dozen, more than multiple…he unloaded.”

Punching, slapping, kneeing , kicking and yes… a bite.

A black belt in Teakwondo, he illegally exerted lethal force on a petite woman.

After the 60th punch to my face and head, I felt my face split open and blood dribbling down. He saw that blood and started hitting harder. Continuing on to split open the top of my head. Blood began gushing.

He dug his legs into my inner thighs and began to choke me. He started slapping and backhanding my face back and forth. He leaned over and started to bite my left arm while still holding his firm grip around my neck and in doing so, caused me to begin losing consciousness, gasping for air. He let go once he realized I was choking but continued punching me all over my body, my ribs, my stomach, and my sides. Finally, I managed to wriggle out from under his knee, dislocating my hip in the process. I kneed him in the crotch twice then grabbed his crotch as hard as possible, hoping to inhibit him enough to make him stop and attempted to punch him back in self defense. You can’t defend yourself against a black belt not with how badly he wanted to hurt me. He stopped for a moment and I turned around and tried to run. He didn’t like that idea so he punch my spine, causing my entire body to cringe in pain. He unleashed more punches, to the back side of my head and body. He then grabbed me and threw me off the bed and back to the floor. At that point, I felt myself slipping. So much that I stated. “I think I’m dying.” He yelled, “Good I hoping you fucking die, I’ll finish you off right now!” In that moment I knew he wanted to kill me and I closed my eyes bunkering. Thinking this is it. Is this where I die? I began to fade out But something struck me back. I opened my eyes again to his steel toe sketcher shoe in motion directed towards kicking my left rib. Just in that moment, a neighbor knocked and yelled through the door, is everything okay?! The cops are on the way.” By the sheer grace of god he froze mid kick and backed off. He walked to the door and stood in front of it.

There is no spot on my head left untouched by his punches.

I disorient-ally sat up, then stood. After a few moments he looked at me, and his face changed. He held up his arms and said, “Cone here!!”

I backed away in fear. “Nope. Uh uh.” I shook my head fearfully. With the instant thought of “So you can finish me off?” He crouched his shoulders, moved away from the door, walked to the bed, leaned over in defeat and put his head down. I ran as fast as I could to that door, stumbling but I made it. As I got outside, the complex manager held me there, and watched him as he fleed.

That night, I was left with a split open face and head, busted eyes and face, split lip, dislocated hip, two broken fingers and a fractured rib with many bruises and welts all over my head, body, legs, back, ribs and a gnarly bite make on my arm.

And an ex fiancée who carries no remorse for what he did. Who doesn’t feel bad for what he did. Through his gaslights, has expressed how happy he is that he he did it.

A man who’d rather face legal issues than clear the air.


He knows what he did to me. He knows he tried to take a life. Until he accepts it, he will be the demon, the monster and the villain of his own story for the rest of his life. Just like all those other girls he abused, used, mistreated, manipulated and played …. The ones he always blamed for the problems in his life. He will continue living a life where everything he gets himself involved in will be everyone else’s fault. Hence, never healing. Never growing. Never learning. Happiness fleeting. That in itself will be the tragedy of his life.


Maybe if he actually cared about someone instead of lying about caring for them, he’d actually clear air and take responsibility for something in his life. Maybe then he’d be able to move forward in productive way.

I’ll never take him back, not after he laid his hands on on me. That’s a death sentence to me.

I’ll definitely move forward in good spirits towards him, having heard that apology and cleared air.

What he doesn’t realize is: I don’t tell my story because I’m still caught up on him or not over it, I tell my story because I went through it, I survived it and I overcame it.

“The moment you are able to tell your story without pain or emotions controlling you, or fear of expressing it, is the moment you know you’ve healed.”

If he doesn’t want me talking about it, he should step up and talk to me about it.



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31 thoughts on “Rushed

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      • PrEdIcTaBlY UNpreDicTaBLe says:

        Well I hope its OK to say…but it sounds from your post that you are dealing with a very dangerous person, possibly a narcissist psychopath or something similar and I know I learnt a lot about the ways these type behave and think from Tudor.
        It is not my business of course, but he can give advice of how to keep this person out of your life for good. This is what he does.

        It was hard to read what you’ve been through, and I admire your courage and bravery and strength… but if you are looking for any kind of accountability or closure or even remorse from this person, you’ll not get any.

        And I cannot in all good conscience read that, knowing what I do, and feeling like he will come back and do it all over again or worse finish the job off.

        These people or should I say monsters, do not have any empathy. They are devoid of conscience, and guilt. They believe they are superior to everyone else. They do not care about others. They only care about getting whatever needs they have fulfilled. To them, we are not relationships, or even people. We are objects.

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      • 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️ says:

        I did a lot of research based off of his behaviors after he assaulted me. It was part of my shadow work I needed to do for myself. I discovered he is a narcissistic addict. I may look into the book and take your recommendation because he is still obsessing, harassing and threatening. His brother called him a pathological liar. His “best friend/brother” said he was diagnosed with bi polar and multiple personality disorder at a young age. (Which would explain all the fake blog accounts).

        Four prominent and dangerous diagnoses that create one dangerous person.

        Your right about one thing, he’s definitely devoid of emotion but he exclaims so passionately how he’s an empath

        Not sure what type of move that is? To claim to be an empath but not really have empathy don’t make sense in my book.

        He’s got another victim in his clutches as we speak. He probably won’t bother me until he goes down his list


      • PrEdIcTaBlY UNpreDicTaBLe says:

        I’m sorry you are going through what you are. Truly…

        You seem like a strong, determined woman who does her research and this is good and needed.

        Whatever he has told you, is most likely a lie. They are good at manipulating you in a variety of ways, and making it seem like you are the problem and not them. They are good at charming, and often will come across as being good to others. This is all part of their facade they have built to protect themselves. It is all false. It is simply a way to maneuver amongst their world, without being detected.

        They often know how to “act” as if they have empathy and know what is to some degree expected of them and can show this, but the important thing is they do not ever feel it.

        But the thing is you can also play into their hands, without recognising it because they feed off your emotions, reactions, good or bad. Whatever you give them, they will take!

        This is why I suggest to go to H.G.Tudor’s YouTube account, “Knowing the Narcissist – The Ultra”…

        Listen to the videos that seem like they fit with what you know of him, and his behaviours then go from there.

        He will have many other victims. And whilst he may leave you alone for a bit to heal, he will no doubt at some point return. But remember, what he wants is fuel or narcissistic supply, good or bad. As long as you keep giving him that, he will continue to keep you in play.

        To be forewarned is forearmed!

        He will no doubt have trauma-bonded you, and even though you say, you will never ever be with him again, never underestimate the power they have over you without you even realising it.

        This is also where you may well come across things within yourself that you may need to address, like your own self-worth, whether you feel addicted to this type or not, and feel you need them in some way, and also any damage that has been done to you in your own past. Maybe therapy can help with these often deeper issues.

        H.G. Tudor helps many people get on the right track and know what they must do. He is very straight forward.
        He will give it to you straight!

        Just a word of caution though. He himself is obviously also a predator by nature, and therefore use him for the good information he provides. But do not, under any circumstances get close to him, or get attached to him or what you imagine him to be. Once you know what you are dealing with, then you can be armed with the right tools you need.

        I really hope you get some help. Because what has happened to you, should not happen under any circumstances!

        This is now time for you to heal, and completely and utterly eradicate this individual from your world but also your mind.

        Doing this is much easier said than done, but Tudor will show you how. After all he knows his kind, because he is one himself.

        I wish you well…

        I hope I’ve not overloaded you too much.



      • 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️ says:

        To be forewarned is forearmed

        Interesting, that is some thing he stated in one of his gaslights.

        Trauma bonded nah. He may have bonded me 23 years and kept me hooked thinking he was somebody he wasn’t, but at the end of it all, this experience 23 L showed his true colors. I’ve done enough research to understand what this guy is and how big of a loser he is.

        Don’t get it twisted, I’m not your typical woman.

        The moment this man laid a hand on me and harm, is the very moment I lost respect love and compassion for him. If he thinks he can come back at me and use me as one of his sources, he will be sadly mistaken because at the end of the day I’ve cut off far better man for far less than what this guy did

        I know my worth, and I know what I bring to the table.
        This guy wanted to punish me because I was not easily if you laded by his tactics. The four reasons why he assaulted me

        One because I wasn’t naïve enough to fall for the manipulation.
        Two because I saw through his bullshit.

        three because I called him out on his bullshit.

        Because I wouldn’t enable that behavior or the addiction.

        Healing? This pathetic individual didn’t even break me in the first place. It’s gonna take a lot more than a pathetic piece of shit like him who can’t even establish his own self in life to bring me down. And this time, I don’t love him enough to believe in him. Do you think you won’t hurt me. This time, if he tries to come for me he will fuck in the rudely awakened by the fact that I’m ready for his ass. And he’s got a lot of reckoning to put up with your soon. He’s got some serious music to face.
        Karmas a bitch

        And she’s got his name highlighted at the top of her list.


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