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Flagger Daggers

“When some one shows you who they are, listen. An individuals truest authentic colors will always come out when they are under pressure, experiencing discomfort or feel “Backed into a corner”

Backed into a corner

A term typically used by criminals during interrogations, people who are guilty of something they don’t want to be caught for or someone who is protecting a lie

An innocent person will not flip their wig if asked about their integrity. In fact, an innocent person has no need to be upset as they can easily confirm that integrity.

Anger and defensiveness is always a sure fire sign of guilt. Watch the signs.

Self Sabatoge

1. The most dangerous people to affiliate yourself with are those who have a constant need to control everything, everyone and every aspect in their life. When these people don’t get what they want, they will have a full on grown up tantrum. They cannot handle the setbacks of not getting what they want. These people marry themselves to an outcome of a situation and do not have the emotional intelligence tools to handle the setbacks. Which oftentimes leads to hurting others

2. Self sabotage is a slippery slope. People who do this become their biggest hindrance in their own life. Constantly kneeling to defeat, not allowing themselves to triumph and also giving up on goals simply because they can’t persevere. They give up on themselves.

You only fail if you stop trying


When an individual makes a comment like, “Maybe my dad is trying to protect you from me.” run! Fucking run! Far! Fast! Hard and quick.

The phone call

A few days before the attack, he called his dad. He told him he’d left the sober living facility. With a this is-how-it’s-going-to-be and I don’t give a shit what you think about it attitude. His dad continuously replied concisely with words like; huh, incredible, shocking, amazing, but in a tone that didn’t hide his horror and shock. I could feel the hair standing on my back. That conversation left an eerie feeling in me I couldn’t shake. I should have listened.

Chad self sabotaged himself and scapegoated me for it. It all started with the relapse. His inhibitions and afflictions became his driving force.

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