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“When we first started talking again, four years ago…he told me he’d change even though deep down, he knew he couldn’t”

Side note: the most comical part about the last two months, is that Chad still thinks I care about him, want him back and AM somehow hurting for him. 🤮

Reality check: If I wanted him back, I wouldn’t be speaking my truth publicly. Chads just gonna have to take the L cause’ the only one standing on top here is Me.

Confession: I’ve spent years protecting him. Remaining silent. Being careful what I put up on here. Everywhere. I will no longer stay silent and I will no longer protect his ego.


“Chad was definitely not talented in handling discord well. In fact, once he moved out here, his emotional state was so off the charts, every thing set him off. Oftentimes, it felt as though he intentionally started fights as a means to walk out. To later, justify his need to cheat.”


23 years ago:

After Chad started using drugs he started trailblazing through and using people left and right. Stealing bikes, leaving them at the scene of his crimes, allowing the rightful owners to take the heat, feeding his own kin drugs that almost killed them, etc. quite atrocious if you ask me. He also started pulling these weird mood swings with me. If I didn’t abide by his rules, he’d run off and cheat. Not just behind my back but right in front of my face out of spite.

The ONLY time Chad was a remotely worthwhile individual was before he embarked on the rails of addict land. Even then, he was still a punk.


4 years ago:

“I’ll never forget the first fight we had. I received the call. The homies needed me to come through. So… I rolled. That evening, Chad gave me an ultimatum, stand up for the cause, or stay home and video chat him. At that time, we video chatted daily and it shouldn’t have been such a huge deal.”


Chad spoke vile words to me afterwords. His mind poisoned by his own infidelities from THEN and NOW. That was the beginning of the end.


As you all know, I went through a tremendous amount of trauma courtesy of a guy who was nothing more than a piece of you know what.

❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥Let’s just get one thing straight NOT twisted❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

I am not a victim and I’m sure as hewl not just a survivor…. I am ME. Your one and only. Conquering life like the badass that I am. Standing stronger, braver, bolder and full of more light than ever before.

So… as I tell my story. Of course share in it with me. Feel it with me. However, know this. I speak my truth and share my story not because I am hurting but because I have a voice.

A few days after the attack

I connected with Kelly on he phone after I sent her a message asking about her experience with a similar circumstance. You’d be amazed at how many woman in this world endure such evil men.

It doesn’t mean all men are evil, but by golly there are some pretty awful ones out there. ahem! CHAD For instance.

To think I was willing to give this loser a chance with me. Morts.

“Mandy you have a powerful voice and your a strong woman. Don’t let some guy who needs to beat up woman just to brighten his manhood up, make you feel like maybe your not as strong as you thought. Remember, sometimes the things we go through in life are designed to make us greater.”


“Maybe GOD put this experience in your path because your such an amazing woman with a powerful voice. Think of all the thousands of woman out there who don’t have a voice. God shifted the pieces so that you can now stand up and fight for all of those who aren’t brave enough to do it for themselves”

3 days later, I started blogging about my experience.

What I am most grateful for:

1. I found out his true colors BEFORE I ended up married to a psychopath. Woo! I got out🙌

2. Since the assault/breakup, I’ve regained my free time, ME time and creativity. (Ya chad couldn’t even handle a break up without losing his shit E.I not obtained.)

3. I currently have several amazing opportunities landing on my lap.

4. Moving forward, I won’t have the dark cloud of Chad looming over my newcoming connections. Those connections will be inhibition AND skeleton free.

5. I know my worth and value. I CAN do better than a guy like Chad and he can no longer drag me through the mud.

6. I’m in a better place than I’d ever been when Chad was part of my life. Life is far more consistent now.

7. I’ve freed myself from toxic people. All. Of. Them☺️

8. My projects are coming to fruition. (OG Readers, Readers who remain close to me, and throws who reach out to me off WP, already know what this means)

9. Since the shift, I’ve been surrounded by good company.

10. I got this!

P.S. He actually thinks he’s sly enough to use multiple blog accounts without me recognizing the accounts are him🙄 HE needs a hobby.

Bruh! the more you come at me the longet it is going to take for me to finish this story, but hey tho! Thansk for all the free inspiration 🙂

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