él es el fondo más bajo del tipo de barril. el término cobarde no le hace justicia.

“While he’s sitting there wishing he had more of me… Missing and obsessing over me…I’m over here happily and proudly…doing ME.”


He used to constantly state “ you scare me” I always asked him why? But he’d deflect and change the subject by saying, “Because you know to much.” Or “Because you know me too well.

His true colors revealed!

Turns out I made him nervous because as each day passed…I was proving that I wasn’t a viable target and source for his manipulation. Why? I could see past his bullshit.

He’d attempted to hide many things, including his relapse. Until, he couldn’t hide any of it… anymore. Once I caught on, he became vile, volatile and god awful with me.

I loved that guy more than anything in this world and carried so much faith in, good intent and compassion for him. For a moment in time, he carried those same feelings for me. Or… so he made me think.


“He started Letting his demons win. He became vulgar and ugly within.”

All I ever wanted to do was be there for this guy whom at one point, we both believed we were soul mates.

In reality

“That guy that loves me and that I love back doesn’t exist anymore.”

It never mattered how much I cared about him or was willing to give him nor how dedicated I was to him.

I wasn’t drugs.

I wasn’t alcohol

I wasn’t gulliable

I wasn’t easy/slutty for him.

Therein lays the crux: Chads happiness is dependent on his next fix. His next lay. his next thrill and his next rush.

In the grand scheme of things, Chad ONLY knows how to pretend to love. He doesn’t know HOW to love.

He wouldn’t know love, it if floated snack dab on the middle of his day waving HEY! LOOK AT ME!


If he knew how to love, he’d be able to sustain it.


“Chad used to tell me such horrific stories about his exes. He’d even say awful things about D……”

He’d always begin his sob stories with, “Hannah, slapped me around all the time and I was scared of her.”

Yah! We all know that was a bold face lie. If he could do what he did to me, WITHOUT me getting physical with him, I highly doubt he sat back and let Hannah attack him all the time.

“Hannah cheated on me all the time. It hurt me and affected me so badly, and when she broke up with me she went off and got in bed with multiple men.”

I’d call that karma for what he’d did to me in high school.

Side note: while I was in prayer, and BECAUSE I was in prayer, Chad was begging her to take him back. BEHIND MY BACK mind you….

Hence the, “I guess I needed to be a slut for chad to be happy.”


Diana is just an old desperate woman who fantasizes about being with me. That pussy pic was unsolicited. Knowing her, She probably sent it to multiple men. She’s gross. Why would I want a woman who’s slept with my dad.

Gnar gnar!

My sisters a skank! She was found in a ditch on heroin and pregnant. Now she wants to marry the guy. What’s wrong with her.

Sheesh his own sister.

FYI: his version is his sisters story is NOT the real version of sisters story. It’s his distorted mind being awful towards someone he should love.


Whether it was his mom, his dad, his brother, his sister, Mario, this guy or that guy, shitty friend A or shitty friend B, there an ex here an ex quack quack a puto says.

Insults after insults.

Chad never had anything nice to say about anyone. Even in the light of being the bad guy, he’ll still play Victim for the next one. A.K.A That old desperate woman he bitched about.

I wonder how she’d feel if she saw all the other girls he’s got lined up on tinder and social ready to go🤔

He barked up and down that he didn’t have tinder, but when he handed me his phone to find a hotel, his messages page popped right up when I loaded his Google. Loading ten message scrips. The one at the bottom stood out the most, “ I’m nervous and scared. I’m on my way to ___ and I don’t know what to do when I get there.”

Notice: Chad always had problems with other people. Even went as far as to blame his family for all the reasons why he’s stuck in life now, his position in life. His downfalls, his failures and much more. Yet, never really mentioned the things he did to get where he’s at, his learning lessons, his parts and responsibility regarding his own shit.

“Just as Chad received his karma for what he’d done to me in high school, he will now receive his karma for what he’s done to me now.”

“Do unto others as you’d have done unto you.”

The only reason I forgave Chad for his acts in high school is because I’d saw what his karma did and where it had placed him. My biggest mistake was thinking he’d learned from it.


“Be weary of how people speak of others behind their backs. Their true intentions dance along the in between of their lines. -Wise

The way they speak of others, is 100% the way they speak about you.

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