Pissing away the meaningful one once your in it, because of afflictions, is the furthest thing from handling.

“How one treads the path, racks.” -Wise


“Karma. It all boils down to how we treat others and how we walk the earth during our time.”


It doesn’t matter how beautiful of a picture you paint yourself to be, how spiritual you claim you are, how much you constantly state your working on yourself, either you are or your not. Good hearted or not. If your not actually walking in those shoes, it’ll never matter how much you say you are, the proof is ALWAYS in the PUDDING. If it’s spoiled… it’ll reveal.

God knows


If you gotta constantly state that you have this or that—-ARE this or that… it generally means you really don’t.

Example: “A man will only constantly claim he’s well endowed, when he’s not. Men who know what they have, don’t need to promote it.” -Mind of a Real Man

Same concept goes for all other aspects in life. If we know what we bring to the table, we really don’t need to promote it. Why? It’ll get noticed. The truth ALWAYS comes out.

“Tip over a bowl of pudding, it spills. So do lies.”

“Hide behind them, and you only prolong and make worse, the inevitable.” – Wise


On another note:

My favorite meme of all time is on Communication

Worried about someone, communicate it. Missing someone, call em’. Wondering if their okay, ask them directly. Don’t complicate life. Know your place in an issue, communicate regarding it, clear the air and things will change.

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