“Silly Rabbit”


“Eat or be eaten“

“Honor or dishonor“

It is yours and yours only

To frost that cake.

“You make the stakes”

“Your moves quake and shake

“The earth trembles”

“Manifests what you assemble

“Vibrational rhythms”

Begin to shift

According to

Every swift

Each step you take

Leaves a trail in your wake

The ripples that stream

“Leads YOU upon your reckoning.”

9.15.21 All Rights Reserved ❤️‍🔥

“Address yourself before you wreck yourself.”



I posted a photo in a certain way yesterday JUST to see if he’d copy me. 🤪😂🤣 Hook line and sinker. Totes started copying me. But watch him try and claim it’s not him. 👀 TONTZ. Doing things only HE would


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