The U in Brutality

“When Demons overtake your mind, body and soul. Your thoughts and motives change.“


What was once an always and forever…WE.

Slowly converged into the pitfalls ofME.

A small taste of heaven

Carried him…in bliss.

Unable to handle…

The goddess amidst.

His blood boiled.

Crumbled and fizzed.

As a new exhilarating feeling…

Filled his soul with greed.

Selfish choices became his wish.

Obscure doings creamed his crop.

Nefarious… though he denied.

His secrets and lies,

Washed to shore through the tides.

Ulterior motives became his rift.

In the blink of an eye…. he’d lost his drift.

That look In His eyes,

No longer carried…

The deep blue bliss…

Of his…gray hues.

Instead. dark pupils distorted his view.

FOREVER… I’ll remember

The night I looked deep…into.

The sheer bitter edge of…


That sat on his horizon.

I ignored that sign.

In hopes he was aight’.


His demise.



He was awry.


His walk of choice.

No remorse.

He expresses…quite proudly.

He swims in the depths…

Of this…

His routinely… temporary thrill.

Merely to wake…

On the other end of shrill.

Regret. Disgust. Finite. Protrude.

Realizing his mistakes and Misuse.

Lost and bemused…

For, he is not yet aware.

That of which was… at STAKE.

This time, he’s unable to remake

©All rights reserved 9.16.21

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