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Enter If You Dare!!!

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Because it almost didn’t happen.

Quick fyi: I chose to upload this one late, as a means to keep my special day a sacred space. 😉🙌



I just experienced the best birthday of my life.


The sun crept through my bedroom window as the sound of chirping birds reverberated throughout my walls. I’ve woken up to the sound of chirping birds for as long as I can remember. Today, their song was different. It was as though their message carried a profound essence across the ripples and waves of the universe. Somewhat like, the dawning of a new day.

As I soaked in this beautiful song, my eyes slowly crept open. I found myself staring Into the tiny, beautiful, slumbering face of baby blue. I couldn’t help but think,”That button nose!” 😍🥰

As my smile grew upon my face, pure joy filled my soul. and then….

It hit me.

The epiphany: I looked up at the roof, allowing my mind to wander through the silence of a cool Brisk, early, late summer morning, “Whoah! To think, I almost lost my life a few weeks ago. ***By a POS, who’s only regret is, he didn’t succeed at it. An individual so twisted and warped, he’s proud of what he did to me. No remorse.***

escape room,rarenwise
I escaped a dangerous psychopath AND the ROOOOOOM!

Here I lay… alive, breathing and conquering… as I do best.

While, I almost didn’t make it to my birthday this year, I couldn’t help but acknowledge, that I did make it. Not only did I make it, I survived the heavy trauma and atrocities that Chad unleashed upon me. Not to mention, I healed up quite nice from it. Like the badass that I still am. Why? Because

“God shapes his greatest warriors as he sees fit”

Therefore, through the sheer force, will and grace of god, I am here. Continuing to persevere.

I took a few moments to let that sink in and off into Adventureland I began. My newfound journey of…

life as I KNOW IT.


It started out with a lovely breakfast in bed. Courtesy of Honey Bear and Bashington.

Since the pandemic started, I’ve focused a lot of time and energy into teaching Honey Bear how to cook and take pride is his accomplishments as a young chef in the making. This may mean cleaning a messy kitchen often, but I’m quite proud of the well lived life that messy entails.

With this said, I received my favorite breakfast ensemble. Chocolate and banana pancakes. 🍌 Omelets with smoked Gouda cheese and shredded Italian sausage.

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An amazing start to an amazing day.



Off to the mountains we trekked. To explore the world with a changed direction.

The river flowed as mother spoke her language of light and love. 💕

I aligned within that moment of silence, to acknowledge, “If chad were still here, we’d be doing my birthday only as he’d see fit.”

I’d have to beg and gripe to get specific drinks I wanted, eat at a restaurant I wanted to try, etc. Much less spend my day the way I’d wanted it. Unless, Chad decided it was okay, it wasn’t happening.

As this thought processed, it was in this very moment when I’d come to the conclusion that, “Had chad and I stayed together, I would have had my special day potentially ruined with one of Chad’s janky, poor excuses to fight and control the day.”

He never liked hearing this but in the grand scheme of things, Chad was/is the perfect 2.0 version of the one person he focused all his energy into bashing and competing with. The only difference between the two was Chad was/is worse.


Off to lunch we go!!! With MY CHOICE of eatery in tow.


{See Instagram for more deets}


A broken promise: Chad had spoken often about how much he’d wanted to experience an escape room with me. Even though he was in town, he never truly put any energy or effort into going out on a real date with me, going outdoors nor experiencing fun and creating happy memories.

Escape room, birthday,rarenwise
It wasn’t Chad fulfilling this desire for me, it was MY OWN SELF. For my SELF

I’ve been dying to experience an escape room for years and as I found myself treading single life with such grace and dignity, I chose my birthday destination without anyone telling me NO, arguing that their idea was better, insisting that I do things their way, thinking their way or controlling how, what and when I did any aspect of my day.

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Davinci’s Secret: 

Teamwork truly makes the dream work.

I couldn’t help but think about how Chad had promised me left and right that he wanted to be the one to take me on my first, special adventure into escape room land. Yet, he couldn’t even uphold his promise to his own self when it came to sustaining his sobriety. Chad promised a lot of things to me. Instead of following through, he was more concerned about finding reasons to fight with me.

Sometimes, find myself wondering how Chad manages to navigate his confused aura, impacted by constantly sleeping with multiple woman. Carrying around those energies like a badge. Yet, not realizing that the REAL connection, senses the deception through his energy immediately. A kid willing to piss away a diamond for the clump of crumbling rocks at the bottom of the pond.

Exit,escape room,photography,bust out escape room,rarenwise

And so…. Rather than spend my birthday in turmoil and stress with some kid, Who put more energy into drama than inner health, happiness and peace. I spent my birthday doing…ME.

For ME

With an Italian sausage and green Chile pizza to top off and end the day 😉

My initiative: to put more effort and energy into ME.

So far, its been nice. Empowering ME. Encouraging ME. Loving ME. Cultivating… ME.

Comic strip,animation,rarenwise
Comic strip,animation,rarenwise

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29 thoughts on “Enter If You Dare!!!

  1. JJ says:

    Happy Birthday 🥳
    I literally almost lost my life because my mother knew what was wrong with my health, and didn’t tell me. However the experience of regaining my health has honed the warrior I became when as kid I decided I didn’t want to be like my parents…yes…a lot of’I felt that’ in reading this article and I want you to know I’m proud of you and cheering you on from way over here 🔥😉

    Liked by 3 people

    • 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️ says:

      Contrary. What we work on lasts. A vehicle driver tends to his engine his car will last a very long time. If the driver lets his engine lay to waste it’ll breakdown on him. It’s not necessarily that nothing lasts forever, it’s what are we willing to work out o energy into. Chad chose drugs and alcohol. For a connection that was apparently supposed to be so grand in his eyes he allowed that connection to slip away within two weeks . That alone speak loud


    • 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️ says:

      Chads post? I don’t Chads a sack of shit who doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. Half the stuff he posts sounds like jibberish doesn’t even make sense


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