Something Darker

My apologies for not quoting the name. I can’t remember his blog site name or link 🤦🏼‍♀️ I stumbled upon this quote on another blog last week and thought the entire post was a great read. I was and still am astonished at this mans perspective of relationships


He went on to state: Too many men in the world assume they are entitled to so many aspects in life but are terribly unaware of what work must be put into receiving these achievements, confidence and success. You have to work for what you want.

My favorite part:

The true success of a man is measured by how large the smile on his woman’s face is. Woman are the glue that hold a mans life together and too many men treat woman like their place is beneath them not recognizing that their place is beside them.

He reiterated:

The true measure of a mans success is dependent on the size of smile on his woman’s face and how he treats the woman in his life. Woman organize our lives. Look out for us. Take care of us when we are sick. Love us no matter how obnoxious we are but do we men ever truly give them that in return?

Man! That question hit me some type of way.

There are men who carry the belief that if a woman becomes upset with something they do, then they are to be punished or deemed a problem because they didn’t immediately submit to the mistreatment and behavior. Woman don’t do this to us when we are upset but we still do this to them?

We as men cannot expect a woman to simply lay down and play dead for us. We have to carry our own personal responsibility by returning the love our woman sheds upon us. Otherwise, they will become unhappy or unfulfilled and rightfully so.

A common misconception men have is that once there is trouble in paradise some men think they need to instantly break up or cheat with the assumption that the problem in the disconnect is the woman’s fault. This is where we as men fail. If we can’t honor or make the one woman in our life happy, we are not going to make any other woman happy. Men and woman are humans. They are not objects or belongings. You don’t just replace your ONE because you think another one will fit better. they won’t.

On the same note: woman overlook our flaws all the time. The least we can do is cherish her the way she cherishes us.

The success of our connections is wholly dependent on the effort each individual is willing to put into it. So, when we choose not to honor our partner, we fail our own selves. We fail our partner and we will continue to fail all subsequent partnerships to come.

Honestly, my mind was blown. I enjoyed this article a lot. I’m honestly impressed that man could speak so confidently about these topics. Not to mention, these ideals came from a mans thought process.


There always seems to be that one individual in the crowd. That one person that thinks they are smarter than the system. That thinks they are smarter than the people around them. Most of the time, that just makes them difficult to live with, to be around. Every now and again that overconfidence leads down the path to something darker – Aaron Manky


🤔 Somewhat like how Chad thought he was smarter than me thinking he could hide his infedeilities from me.😎👍

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5 thoughts on “Something Darker

  1. Lea Lumpkin says:

    Definitely important to remember that all men are not like one bad apple… That bad apple can definitely spoil it for the whole batch… making it hard for the real men to shine there light. We see you kings and we love and appreciate you keep showing the bad apples how it’s done💯 salute! Great read Wise 😍💙

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