You’ll Know Your Dating An Adult When…

They act their age ….not their chonie size 🤐🤫🙊🐒

Let’s hear your answers in the comments😌


One must be capable of knowing and understanding what love is in order to respect, cherish and honor love for others. It starts within the journey of SELF love.

Loving oneself doesn’t occur hopping, skipping and jumping from person to person. One must sit with themselves, in genuine singledom to embark on self discovery. – wise

He and I are not the same. 😉👌 While I be thriving with my own self, he’s out there lining up his next
time occupant Behind the other ones back.
The REALEST! 😎👈 so unlike some one we all know
Most def 😎👆
This is a trust the process thing. NOT a force control over it thang. ☄️

One who carries desperation to control every aspect of their life rather than trusting the processes of their life, loses out every time. 😎🔥 Not only do they get burned by their own self sabotage and destruction they forsake their blessings. -wise

The proof is always in the pudding
Most def!! I’ll never ignore another
red flag again.
Swatting away them flags all over the place
He came at me so hard and strong deflecting and projecting. Couldn’t handle the truth. He poked the Phoenix too many times and she started fires underneath his ass.


HAPPY FALL!!! spooky season is underway. I can’t wait…. I can’t wait! So many exciting plans underway.

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