Integral Parts Of life

Hello Puddin’

“The intentions we carry”


“Creating ripples”

“We cannot escape”

HAPPY FRIDAY YA’ll!!! Woot woot! Time to hibernate for the weekend 😉🔥😁🔥👌


Psychotic men be like I love you. No I hate you. But wait. I love you. NOPE! I hate you. Assault you and leave but stalk you from a distance then complain when you give them a taste of their own medicine. Fool.

July 21st!

The threat:

“You should be grateful all you needed was stitches”

Truth be told:

“You should be grateful I don’t blast your name and proof of crime all up in this business.”

The date Chad started stalking, gaslighting, and playing kindergartener with EVERY POST I’ve made since.

When I got tired of his bullshit, I reciprocated with comment spams also. He didn’t like it very much. Made him complain a lot.

This just in!!!! Soon to be published! The terms; narcissist, gaslighter, projector and deflection will soon have CHAds photo as a description. #SarcasmAtItsFinest

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