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The Good Things In Life…

Hop hop the bunny flees. Always running from responsibilities.

“Life is about working on it.”

  • Anything worthwhile in life is going to take work.
  • The good things in life don’t come easy.

Take artistic talent for example: musicians, artists, writers etc, their fruitful bliss comes from working at their talents constantly. Sticking with it and never giving up on it. Knowing that it’s worth the trip and destination.

A concept that relates to all areas of our lives. If your never willing to put in the work, your never gonna find what your looking for.

Expecting everything to come easy is the equivalent of expecting pigs to fly at sunset

Whether, referring to musical talent, writing, love, relationships, friendships, etc. the most important aspect of these situations are truly what your willing to put into these connections. NOT what your expecting the other person to put in. It is merely what WE as the individual are willing to add to the union.


Don’t forget to read all the way to the end😎✊


There is no such thing as meeting someone at first site and from that point on everything is perfect rainbows, fairies and cupcakes.

Relationships take work, dedication and effort.

Fantasy lands are for those who cannot handle life and the reality that comes along with living ones life. Living in a distorted make belief life is a coping mechanism.

If anyone tells you, “Relationships don’t fight.” They are lying. To you, themself and their partner.

The thing is; any relationship you get involved in will have its ups and downs. Ebb and flow. Good days and bad days, arguments and happy moments. There is no ONE perfect and easy relationship. In fact, it’s not about finding the perfect rainbows and daisies type because that doesn’t exist. It’s knowing that every one has disagreements and tough times. It’s about choosing that ONE you love deeply enough that your willing to get through all those moments with them. TOGETHER

If you are someone who constantly flees the moment the tough gets going in any situation, you most definitely won’t be finding any solace in your journey. For, you’ll spend your life chasing butterflies that don’t want to be in your grasp.


Have you ever met a couple that’s been through everything designed to tear a couple apart? I have. I’ve seen them fight, disagree, tear at each other in their dark moments, love each other, genuinely, compassionately, and unconditionally. These couples go through some stuff together and they always get through it together. Maintaining their garden. TOGETHER. Outlasting any and everything that gets thrown at them.

The one trait I’ve noticed the most in these types is both partners usually carry the same traits and understandings. Genuine, compassion, understanding, maturity, patience, trust, honesty, communication, loyalty and most importantly ACCOUNTABILITY.

Accountability: Knowing when there is a problem, taking responsibility for our own part and addressing that responsibility. Thus, coming around and acknowledging something needs to be changed, discussed and worked through.

If you are someone who physically harms others when you don’t get your way and rather than take accountability for your actions, you victimize yourself. There’s not a whole lot of positivity in store for you moving forward.

As the golden rule states: We reap what we sew.


I had a lovely conversation with another blogger yesterday. Our conversation led down several paths but the piece that stood out most was the bit about compassion. They mentioned the universe and how things always catch up to us. Something I whole heartedly agree with. They were impressed at my willingness to carry compassion.

As I Stated strongly that if Chad pulled his head out of his arse, despite what the universe has in store for him, I would still carry compassion if he apologized and took accountability for his actions. It doesn’t mean, he gets a first class ticket to the sanctuary. It would only mean he’ll receive compassion. Depending on how genuine he is, forgiveness may be possible.

However, we all already know Chad never knows whether he’s coming or going. So you won’t find me holding my breath. Therefore, I’ve washed my hands clean and handed it over to the UNIVERSE. All I can really do now is sit back and allow his own self destruction to handle him. For himself.

The one who seeks forgiveness without accountability is embarking on a fools errands.

Forgiveness comes when we own up, take account, acknowledge our wrongdoing and make amends.

Vibe check!!!

Chad once spent an enormous amount of energy talking up our “vibes” that we shared. From the moment we met, he couldn’t stop highlighting how amazing our connection was, how connected our vibes were, how I helped him think differently, how he loved my sound advice, how I cultivate him, support him. His ride or die…how amazing ….. how deep and profound our connection was, how no one will ever understand our connection and how cosmic were were. Love-bombing. 🤨…..All the way up until he received what he wanted then he created our first disagreement. from that moment forward, he focused his energy into arguments, insults, belittlement and Hate-Bombing. He was convinced it was MY vibes that were Incorrect for him, suddenly he wanted me to prove my worthiness to be with HIM. Before I knew it, he was manipulating everything I wore, did and thought. He acted as though I should be lucky I had him. He attempted to create a discard alarm. (Red flag). Only, he neglected to review his own vibes and ripples he himself was putting out. He wants people to handle him, but I’ll tell you with full confidence Chad him self cannot handle HIM. Why do I know this?

Because he couldn’t handle the reciprocation of his own energy.

It’s never going to matter what Chad says or thinks. At the end of every day He’s still full of shit.

Es muy psicótico. No puede diferenciar entre la realidad y la ilusión 🤭🤫🤐😅

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