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Any Musing In Between

The moon shines because it has the sun.

The dragons strength comes from the fear of the unknown.

The tree will give life never asking in return.


The stars shine bright because they are surrounded by darkness.

They thrive within because the darkness recedes.

The Phoenix will always rise because it rebirths within the fire, anew from the ashes.

It is the ultimate entity.

A force to reckon with.

The earth rumbles and quakes according to the steps we take.

Take them wisely, gently with care

Your ripples shall create a lovely exchange

Walk brashly, atrociously and inhumane

The repercussions will knock you off your plane.

Refresher: I will be telling the story of what brought me back that night …soon.

Refresher: I will be telling the story of what brought me back that night …soon.


A friend of mine posted this online yesterday. 🤭 thought I’d throw it up for ya.




Another note based on another friends observations

“There is a difference between someone saying they have empathy and someone actually possessing empathy.”

Psychopath – lacks empathy but may constantly claim they have it as a means to disrupt your own logical thinking. It is their attempt to remain cunning. However, no matter how much they claim, promise or demand that they obtain this trait, their true colors always paint a different canvas when the time comes for them to prove it. (I.E lacking respect for others, concern for others, remorse for crimes and atrocities inflicted and lacking accountability when our actions cause harm to others is the mere essence of lacking empathy.

A true carrier of empathy wouldn’t harm others for personal gain, they would feel remorse and regret when they’ve harmed others. They would feel others experiences, excitement, happiness, joy, sadness, trauma, etc, often times, feeling those emotions and experiences right along with them.

Empathic people do not harm with Intention and deliverance. The psychopath knows they are harming, embraces the harm and will continue to harm, then proceed by dismissing their actions. Chalking it all up to it was the other persons fault.

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