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In A Matter Of Seconds

For those of you who haven’t read RUSHED please do so before proceeding

For those of you who haven’t read RUSHED please do so before proceeding


I closed my eyes and began to fade away. A jarring white light engulfed me and a loud buzzing rumbled with reverberation. I clutched my ears and cringed. Suddenly, everything became silent. I felt myself slipping further away into the abyss. Somewhat like a white nova had sucked me into its orbit and exploded. The space around me was a sheer, utter, bright, white light. I was laying on the ground within a room of nothingness. It felt hollow, solemn and ominous.

In a matter of seconds, I’d realized where I was and what was occurring. I began to succumb to the light. In fact, I’d even began to embrace it. This was it. The veil. I felt my souls desire to rip from my body, crawling through my skin. I closed my eyes accepting and allowing the light to win.

No. His voice stated with a powerful conviction.

A hand placed firmly on my right shoulder. Two more grasped me in a hugging embrace. Another pushed on the back of my head. Overwhelmed with the feelings of familiarity, comfort and grace.

As I opened my eyes, I was greeted by dad, mom, grandparents, relatives, ancestors and descendants.

I looked around the circle and saw so many familiar faces. Those who’ve come before me and those I’ve yet to meet. They all stood around me in silence and in concern.

I looked at dad and my heart completely melted. Oh how I missed watching his face light up for me. He smiled only for a moment and quickly shifted to a serious frown.

“Oh Mandy” mom said with pain in her voice. Whats wrong mom?” “I can’t bear to see what’s happening to you. You need to wake up!” Grief filled Her face as I stared into her eyes.

“Little creep!” Ed muttered.

There she stood, At my feet, in her beautiful blue floral dress. Grandma M. It had been been quite some time since I saw her. Twelve years to be precise. She’d come to me in a dream. Before, moms passing.

Gramps’. They all surrounded her. Each and every single one. Grandpa M, Grandpa B AND Grandpa V. Always such stern figures and handsome smiles.

I reached out to hug mom but before I could wrap my arms around her. Dad stated firmly.

“It’s not your time.”

Before I could respond, understand or decipher,

Every entity surrounding me rushed into me, pushing me into the ground. Causing me to fall through the floor of the white room into a black hole. I fell hard and fast.

I snapped back and opened my eyes to Chad in motion and mid kick directed at my left rib.

In a matter of seconds, what felt like an eternal moment, occurred quickly and prominently. A split moment in time that changed my fate that night. As for the neighbor knocking and yelling through the door…. A mere subtlety of creator watching over me.

Time is but an illusion.

An attack that is and was no joke. Not something to dismiss or disregard. Two and a half months later, I still have to ice my head and take pain medication daily. Chad inflicted SERIOUS damage on me.


It’ll never matter what a woman does to piss off a man. A real man does not and will not lay a finger on a woman in harm no matter what she says or does. The moment a man stoops that low, Is the very moment he signs away his manhood.

His redemption is solely dependent on his ability to take accountability for those actions.

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