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The Downward Spiral

He chose his path.

Drugs and Self destruction.

Deception and betrayal.

Allowed it to seep.

Into their existence.

Choosing everything else

But his gem to keep

And so

His demons reaped.

Distinctly creeped.


On that day

The darkness imploded.

Ferocious acts


He continues trekking

The damming wrath

Not once since it’s occurred

Has he sat with it.



It never happened.

Self medicating the wound.

He’s now inflicted

That of a shattered heart

Soul and mind.


Hurting the ONE he loves the most

P.S I want to thank you for your continued supportive.

Here are some things to know: It wasn’t enough for Chad to come out on a whirlWind, poorly mistreat me, belittle me, Insult me, bully me, emotionally, verbally and physically abuse me. For a month! Mind you. Three days after the assault, he tried to hack into my bank account. Four days after that, he snuck into my garage and stole stuff. From that point forward, he started gaslighting, harassing, threatening, copycat infringements etc. TRYING TO SHUT DOWN MY BLOG. A.K.A destroy everything I love.

This guy pissed me away fair and square and he has no right to be privy in my life furthermore.

My beautiful and amazing evolution moving forward. Is mine and he lost access. A lowly drug addict who’s still cognitively a kid and never deserved me in the first place. HE blew HIS shot.. it bothers him that I know my worth. At this point he’s becoming a pest! And so…. I’m pulling out the bug spray and swatter and squashing it now because I AM TIRED of him having access to ME and MY CONTENT . Therefore, I am going to be continuing to tell the story off of here and in another location. Thank you for your understanding. If your new here the best way to stay in the loop is by reaching out off my bloggerverse. You can find me on Twitter or Instagram.

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