And thennnnnn….

Ahaha. Quite a breath of fresh air to see someone flail around like a chicken without a head. So much anger boils through your veins you can’t even get through an entire post

Meanwhile, for those of you who’ve proven tried and true.

I see you. 😘🌹

That’s why you’ll be able to stay in tune.

Side note: little boys and their games. The interesting difference between boys and men. Boys THINK they can play games. Got skill. Higher than though…. MEN know how to finesse a woman.

And thennnnnnnn……

Theeee MOST important lesson I learned….during THEEEEEE PANDEMICCCCCC! 🥁

It’s time for a confession…

As life starts to pass us by, our experiences…. they all tend to blend together. It’s those epic and profound experiences that always tend to stand out from all the rest…..

A letter to the love of my life

Let’s see if he actually took the time to get to know me at all. Or if he ever truly meant what he said to me. 😎👍 It’ll show with this link. He’s gonna have to think real hard and deep to unlock this puzzle. Maybe a hint or clue: nah if his love was genuine he’ll know the, passcode. 😉

See y’all tomorrow as the new chapter unfolds 😉

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