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In The Depth Of The…

Here’s the thing:

I have every right to tell my story. It’s mine. How Chad behaved is his own fault. Not mine. How Chad handled and is handing how he behaved specially that night STILL his choice not mine. He chose to take it too far, leave things ugly and pretend like nothing he ever did happened. Still a result of HIS choices. While Chad won’t admit that he made mistakes… wait hold up! In Chads little ego, he doesn’t think he makes mistakes. That’s why he relentlessly tries to deflect. Andddd while he’s worried about whether the sky is blue, or a shoe is a shoe.. or how I suddenly was the one who assaulted him. 🙄 yeh he’s pretty pathetic. Incoherent message after incoherent message, floods…. (Damn dude try coming at me sober) He doesn’t notice that I’m STILL focusing on the SAME issue. Constantly bringing it back around. He can deflect all he wants but it’s not going to change the fact that he assaulted me and chose to go about it quite unruly. (Ooouu can’t wait until he tries to shove a backlash in my face with that one guys) either way a real man recognizes his actions. If they love you they’ll notice, they’ll care. They’ll OWN UP. If their a Chad, then it’s probably safe to say he be tryna get away with The things he does no matter what extremes he takes. Man!! I’ve also yet to see Chad own up to his relapse he’s currently STILL riding. Actions he prioritized and STILL won’t admit he allowed them to destroy the relationship. Destruction by his own hand and his OWN actions. I’ve never met an individual so screwed in the head they will literally attack a woman and suddenly be super confused as to why she’s upset with them. It’s like he was on so many drugs that night he doesn’t remember.

The funnest part about it all. Is the weeding process. Them snakes be revealing themselves. 😉👆I recently played along in someone else’s mind game. (Feed a liar a lie and watch them go rat themselves out.) Just to see if it got back to Chad. Hehe it did. Each and every snake weeded their own selves out. Poor little snakey, guess they thought they had a chance. 😉🙌

Try reading til the very last meme. 😎🙌 Can you last?

First of all

No man has the right to mistreat a woman at such great lengths.

The character of a man is determined by the way he treats and/or speaks about his mother and sister/s (yet again another thing I got tired of hearing about. All the negative insults he threw towards them. I mean ffs he called his own mom and sister whores and skanks, who was I to think after catching HIM cheating that he wouldn’t call me that in deflection too.)

A man who doesn’t recognize that which a woman embodies is quite simply the crux of …. Need I even say it?

I’d like to… actually I’d LOVE to see y’all disrespectful men out there give birth to a baby. Before you attempt side step a woman.

Ever heard that quote? A woman was not meant to stand behind nor beneath a man. God created woman out of mans rib ……

Someone please finish that for me🤦🏼‍♀️

It is always unwise to treat a woman like she is the scum on the bottom of your shoes.

Unless you can take a step back… go grab a melon and try shoving that huge ball through your pee hole…. THEN you can talk BUT If you can’t….. then sit the fuck down and Shut. The. Fuck. up!

Any volunteers?

Imma tell my story until I NOT you am done writing it. Nuff said. If you wanted to be spoken kindly of, you shouldn’t have participated like ….THAT.


For me, it’s not a competition. I told my story because what Chad did July 16th, 2021. Is unacceptable and I stand by my values.

He could have chosen plenty of other ways to resolve. He didn’t.

It doesn’t matter how much a woman upsets you, pisses you off, angers you…stands up for her SELF when your insulting her…. (Name caller much?) YOU as a man should NEVER lay hands in harm on a woman…ESPECIALLY at the force of yours hits!

That incident speaks volumes on YOUR character.

And here’s what adds to it:

Your still behaving like a fool.

Dismissing what you did. 🙄👍

It’s not really impressing me. Look homie YOU had your chance with me. YOU fucked it up. Considering your stuck on me here DAILY like glue indicates you CLEARLY know what you pissed away. 😉👌

They 😎👉 know it!

YOU know it. 🤫🤭🤐

And that’s the end of story.

Just like that…..

>>>The real fans will know what I say there.👆<<<

Ahem! Clears throat so she can finish her story on her own damn terms. 🔥


A few things I learned during this pandemic

Let me first start by stating a few things I learned from the last decade:

  • Moments of impact tend to bring out some stuff in unhealed people. (Ooouuu can’t wait to stumble upon 🙄 what Chads backlash at me is when he reads that. 😴Your messages feel like the bitter coffee fairies flew in at night and sprinkled the sugar with ANGRY BIRDDDDDDD 2.0!!!! Weeee wooo weeee wooo! Alert! Alert! He’s about to blow another gasket! Duck and cover! (How’s that for reciprocation)👈😎

Anything you say, will never be valid until you acknowledge that attacking me like that was unacceptable. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Until you do recognize THAT.

Goodbye Chad.

Oh crap! You wanted me to think you’ve stopped reading by now. 🤫🤭🤐

Moving forward:

  • Time does not heal wounds introspection does.
  • Good luck with that👆
  • Self love is the only way. Learned this one Courtesty of 😉 four years of single life. Man! The end of the last decade went by so quickly. (Eww when I chose chad it was because I wanted him NOT needed him. He must of had his wires crossed. He most definitely did NOT treat me like he wanted me in his life. He treated me with need. Claimed he needed me.. >>>>Want is genuine, need is an ulterior motive fueled behind unresolved internal issues<<< (hopefully Chad figures that one out)
  • Not every listening ear is your friend. 😉

Just think! I learned all that BEFORE Chad skirted his way into my life.

Makes me think of that song “Wasted days and wasted nights” How’s that for reciprocation. 😎👍

So far this pandemic I’ve learned:

  • To trust my intuition.
  • Hold true to your boundaries. Wow! Chad you really hated me for NOT allowing you to cross mine.
  • When people show you who they are, believe them. (Salt and sugar look the same but don’t taste the same)
  • If someone really wants to be in your life, they will.
  • If people want something out of you bad enough. All of a sudden… they’ll become an actor.


I’m sure I’ll be spieling more as we go. I mean… we still be living in this pandemic… FUCKKKK!

Meanwhile, for those of you who’ve proven tried and true. I see you. 😘🌹

That’s why you’ll be able to stay in tune.

Side note:

little boys and their games. The interesting difference between boys and men. Boys THINK they can play games. Got skill. Higher than though…. MEN know how to finesse a woman.

And thennnnnnnn……

Theeee MOST important lesson I learned….during THEEEEEE PANDEMICCCCCC! 🥁

It’s time for a confession….

As life starts to pass us by, our experiences…. they all tend to blend together. It’s those epic and profound experiences that always tend to stand out from all the rest…..

A letter to the love of my life

Let’s see if he actually took the time to get to know me at all. Or if he ever truly meant what he said to me. 😎👍 It’ll show with this link. He’s gonna have to think real hard and deep to unlock this puzzle. Maybe a hint or clue: nah if his love was genuine he’ll know the, passcode. 😉

Yeh. Hannah, Becca, Diana, some other random chick on the third phone and them tinder girls be all up in his DM’s oh right forgot! It was ME who talked to them not Chad. Whoops!

You see that 😉👆 She still got her voice. Thought you could break me. Sad that was your only goal for me. Guess you forgot god already shaped me. 😉👍

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