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As I said yesterday, Until Chad acknowledges that assaulting me was and is STILL…



I’d just returned from the doctors office and plopped myself down onto my leather love seat couch. It was my housewarming gift to myself after moving into my new place back in August. I’m pretty proud of myself for the strides I’ve taken this year. July 24th, 2021. The moment I made the shift and realization that I only needed my own self to succeed, It gave a newer, brighter, light and power into my own dreams. Yes! I’m definitely following them and making some pretty spectacular milestones regarding them. I was able to leave behind the old vehicle and pick myself up a new one. Moving away from old chapters. Closing books and cracking open new ones.

As I plopped myself down on the couch, I picked up my current fictional read and stared at it.

Before I cracked the book open to where I left off, I started reflecting on the doctors appointment I’d just returned home from and…..

Oh the joys of ….

👆👆👆👆 We’re did I go on my road trip last weekend? Remember: you must be careful upon how you key this in. Otherwise, it won’t work👆👆👆👆

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