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Airplanes, Parts, and Flights. Oh My!

Work antics at their finest

Never thought I’d enjoy working around airplanes but I gotta admit it’s a pretty exciting thing to be involved in. Especially when making significantly higher pay than the last place. 😎🙌

I will admit the last six weeks have been grueling. Maintaining work, blog, priorities, MY TIME 😃😁 that giant thorn in my arse😅, it hasn’t been a walk in a field of daisies er anything. It’s been tough, tiring, draining and exhausting.

My responsibilities and priorities, NOT the thorn part. Honestly, I think what got me through the weight of everything on my plate was the humorous and incoherent flails, gaslights and backlashes. It was as though I had free access to the comedy channel for a month.

Incoherent: a shame he’s let the drugs take over so prominently.

But what can I say, 🤷🏼‍♀️

I pulled off the transition like a pro! With effective time management and productiveness of course.

(🙊oops yet another privy detail someone was left out of.)🤷🏼‍♀️




Dear readers, As we maneuver forward, you will have to solve the riddle at the bottom In order to access the story and full post.

Only the tried and true shall survive. While the hater/s gets stuck on their shallow lands, we will navigate the vast seas of life, story telling, poetry, my musings, my journey and MY STORY.

You never know. They might just solve a riddle, maybe many, maybe a few, maybe some or maybe non. It’ll all depend on how much energy they put into truly getting to know me. Through genuine intent. What I do know so far, is y’all real ones are solving these riddles like champs. I see you 😌

Hehe guess who hasn’t been able to unlock the letter yet 😜🤪 uh ohhh 🙀 Did he not make the cut 😏





Spooooooky season.

You know what that means?

It’s time for some SPOOOOOKY stories and we’ll be fitting plenty of those into the mix as well.

Follow along, passed the gates, beyond the riddle and you SHALL… be privy.

And soooo…

We proceed!

“What vacation spot did I state, I’d be flying out to on the 7th of October?”

Use this clue to unlock the post below

He be doing the most…

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