The Truth Hurts

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My biggest mistake was thinking I could help someone who was already too far gone and already couldn’t help themselves. Fortunately, his eternal damnation is no longer my problem.”

“My second biggest mistake was believing words that weren’t backed up by action, feelings and emotions.”

“What made him the angriest was that I chose to tell the story rather than stay silent about his abuse. This led him down a very revealing path. Many people watched how he harassed me. Paid very close attention. As my story never once, exposed intimate information that he shared with me nor his name and personal info. He still flipped his wig. Why? Because he knew quite well that I express his truth. Not an embeldsihed story. Not lies. Not attacks. The attacks were all him. After hearing the intimate things he’s shared about me to others…. shows quite boldy the difference in OUR characters.

“His only goal has been to prove to everyone he didnt do anything wrong. Hoping to focus the blame on me. Classic narcissist behavior. At first, I wasn’t sure, I’d only suggested it. As the days went on… He proved it for me.”

“He seems to forget that… that night I was already packing up my things. I’d dealt with too many of his tantrums by then. As I WAS On MY way out with him behind me moving quickly to my PAST. He allowed his anger to lead him down a very ugly route. He took it too far. Should have just let me walk out. While he desperately attempts to play it off like he’s got an upper hand somehow. He lacks to realize that owning up is all he has left.

“I’ve lost my respect for him. I’ll never view him the same. With each day that passes, his behavior plants a lack of compassion. The longer he puts off the inevitable, avoids owning up… he might think it’s helping him now, but it won’t help him when it matters the most.”

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What I’ve gained:

The attribute I am most grateful for gaining this year, is a sterner level of discernment towards differentiating those who carry genuine intent versus those who don’t.

Other things I learned through the pandemic:

  • Most people will listen to your musings, ideas, and philosophies not because they value you or your mind and heart, but because they want to steal your ideas from you or at least try to. Anyone can try but at the end of the day, their still not you.
  • Not everyone who claims they need your help actually wants your help. Some people use this as a scheme. Energy vamps are quite good that this. They exploit your empathy so that you feel with and for them and while your kindness comes from a genuine place, their only intention is to extract your energy.
  • People who genuinely value you, will not exert control, demands nor forcefully influence your thoughts, actions, and lifestyle.
  • Genuine friends/relationships don’t view you as something they can squeeze their needs out of. Through deception, lies and betrayal. They are in your life because they they want to be. They want to do right by you.
  • A genuine lover will love you how you need to be loved. For, they will be perceptive of the reciprocative needs.

Instant Gratification:

People are impatient. No one can sit back and enjoy the process or ride anymore. They either get fussy, finicky, irritable and complain. Attempting to rush/control the results.

We don’t rush musicians at a concert to hurry up and stop playing a song. We hold up our lighters and enjoy the show. Why? Because that song is their art. You may not like it, but who are you to complain about their masterpiece? They put their blood and sweat into that presentation and if someone in the crowd starts hollering FINISH THE SONG ALREADY its not going to do anything but land that person into the bouncers’ hands. Kicked out and into the back-alley with no more access. Ultimately, missing the main event.


That same concept can relate to authors, artists, etc. Real supporters enjoy your art. No matter what chapters, songs, paintings they see thrrough the process. One doesn’t hop into their vehicle for a forty five minute drive and epext that trip to take five minutes. You bunker in and enjoy the ride.

As Chad continues to act like a fool, his access is offically blocked off from the posts. How? He ain’t tried and true.


With that said, are yall ready for the next segment of the series?

For this post you must be able to answer: During which meet and greet location did I get to shake the hand of my fave muser? Enter the month. Remember if you get the answer wrong three times you’ll get locked out. 😉  

Through The Eyes of Rose Colored Glasses….

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