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My favorite Moments

“Fall stargazing embraced by fuego”


Two messages come in at same time: “I LOVE it” and the “Laugh Out Loud”


Skin to skin.
Entangled hymns.
Gentle graze….
Of a real mans kiss.
Rugged touch of a loving embrace.
Handles his own.
Makes real moves.
His attributes glow.
His life, in coup.
Handles the ball
Doesn’t drop it once.
Receiving each other’s cues. Respect for woman.
The fireworks quake.” ……Fuegs
©rarenwise 2021


😍🥰👌 Guhhh! I once made a similar sarcastic joke with Chad and got reamed a new one for it… Fuegs just … gets me. Always has. That connection just be so REAL. Sarcastic joke made: I love….. CHEESE NIPS! That “offended” Chad.

Yeh Everything about Chad is toxic. My only regret is I didn’t see it BEFORE I wasted my precious time and energy on him. I’ve never met such a negative individual in my life. Nothing makes him happy and nothing was ever good enough for em’ take take take it’s all he’d make

I’ll never forget the moment…. When…. Chad knew I needed to get home and cook dinner. He chose the middle of the week when we were in a hurry to buy that seven dollar car wash ticket. 🙄 he’d mentioned a week or two prior that he wanted to help me wash my vehicle…. That day, he chose to go about it backhandedly. Not as a helpful thing but as a means to create more chaos in the middle of responsibility. I had so much fear within me… of hurting the baby with all the radiation and lights.… Chad wasn’t very reassuring nor concerned about baby himself. And in that moment, it showed. Instead, I received a lecture on how he’d went out of his way to pay seven dollars for the car wash. How ungrateful, after all he did to get the ticket…. How could I…

His voice began to fade away….

“It glazed over in my eyes. A distant yet fond memory of that summer afternoon. At the time, just a friend putting in the real effort to get to know me who’d wanted to help me wash my vehicle. That day, there was no gloating, guilt tripping, showing off, belligerence nor selfish lack of consideration. Merely a man showing up with $150 worth of gear and lunch in tow. Receipts still in the bags. On both of OUR days off ready to help me clean, vacume and wash my vehicle. We worked together. Teamwork. It was the type of bonding moment one holds onto. A fond memory”

The haze cleared and Chad was still reaming. In that moment, I began to miss my dear friend. as the days went on chads behavior escalated. Each outburst led me to miss Fuegs more. They just aren’t the same. Narcissistic addict versus head on straight really isn’t a competition at all.

When chad first stated he’d wanted to help me clean the vehicle, he made it seem like he too wanted to have a wholesome experience in doing so. Only, he chose a different route. An ugly one. For that, he is not remembered fondly.

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