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Into The Hall Of Fame

Warning ⚠️ Juicy content ahead

Through the grapevine…

I’ve been getting some good laughs lately as I hear about how all my phrases, words and thought processes are being used. By none other than NOT me.🤪🤓

For someone who “hates” me so profusely and “Never” wanted anything to do with me again, you’d think he’d actually NOT want nothing to do with me INCLUDING thinking about me AND trying to be like me. Oh right! My favorite laugh… the constant desperate attempts to get my attention. So he can get his energy vamp on. Not today satan!Ooouu dude! You do realize you lost your window of opportunity.

All he’s done since it happened. Excuses, excuses. Deny deny deny justify justify justify

I got better things to do with my time than notice a spec of shit on my shoe.

(Yes we’re talking about the limp dick who demands forgiveness without accountability)

Entitlement at its finest example😉

I mean… If pretending to be kind, compassionate, empathetic, pseudo spiritual and having a good heart… helps him sleep at night…..

I guess that’s better than admitting he’s actually an ugly hearted, sadistic, sick FUCK that takes pride in beating up woman, conning people and using them. (Facts: if he really came out for me he would have gone back to where he came from after tryna kill me. Nah he went to his backup plan who apparently isn’t keeping his attention cause he’s STILL over here lurky lurky spending his days triggered like Fuuuuuk cause he can’t handle the truth. And EVEN when I don’t tell the story, he still wants to show his TRUE COLORS

But hey tho:

“Do what you gotta do.”

Quote courtesy of


He’s projecting HIS broken heart and mind, his jealousy and depression on ME

Rather than burst his bubble, imma just let him think that. 😎✌️Meanwhile, imma just keep enjoying my fuego.


It’ll never matter what he says to justify his means. Nothing will EVER change the fact that he laid his hands on me and physically assaulted me. Flail your hands here still assaulted me. Bla Bla there… still assaulted me. Demanding forgiveness without owning up, STILL assaulted me. Begging for the past to be let go…STILL assaulted me.

It might be the past for him, but for me… I’m still dealing with the affects. Doctors appointments after doctors appointments to treat the injuries including a traumatic brain injury on top of other doctors appointments involving… is in MY present. So… he can go cry about how desperate he is for it to be “let go”

But until the ASSAULT is in MY past he still ain’t nothing but a piece of shit running with his tail tucked between his legs. Avoiding owning up. Yet… Flexing from a distance like he big and bad.

Someone who claims he’s so empathetic, yet couldn’t be further from it.

Who saw my tweet?!🙀

I legit got quoted by a bigger influencer getting credit where credit is DUE the legit way guys!!! Ayyyyyeeee

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