comic strip, graphic design, rarenwise

Afternoon In The Muse

Like getting mad when you finally give them a piece of their OWN medicine 😎✌️.

It’s all good in the hoodie until we dish it back. Then suddenly it’s the end of the world and their throwing fits and ASSAULTING.

How you treat me gets thrown back at ya’ 😉 yeeep


Skin to skin. Imprinted. Slow. Steady. Entangled hymns. Gentle graze, of a real mans kiss. Rugged touch of a loving embrace. Handles his own. Makes real moves. His attributes glow. His life, in coup. Handles the ball doesn’t drop it once. Emotional. Receiving each other’s cues. Respect for woman, the fireworks quake.” ……Fuego

Mhm! That’s for damn sure! Watcha! He’ll get what’s coming to him.

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