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He Be The Realest

“A Fool He Sure Is”


To the post!


Okay okay 👌 I see you.

You got me tuned in!

Here comes some

Words and wisdom

From the

Mind Of A Real Man


Mhm! ☺️👌
👇👇👇Start from here 👇👇👇

Mr. Stewert you’ve got my attention🙌

A Fool He Sure Is!

When a man don’t value woman, it shows. No matter what lies he portray, what words he says, it shows in his actions and treatment towards her. Look past their words and pay attention to their actions, how they speak about you when your not around, the way they lie about your relationship status behind your back, how they handle addressing issues and how they behave when they hurt you…. Because their true feelings towards you will shine through there. Words are just words. Anyone can say they love you but a REAL one gonna show you.

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