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Treats! Sweets! And Parties!

Delightful treats
For Halloween
A splendor full of
Tasty things
Finger foods
Haunts And amuse
It is the season
To be spooked!
©rarenwise 10.27.2021

Every year during the Holiday season, I bring it all in. As my OG readers know, Halloween is my favorite time of year. With so much emphasis on the entire month. Fall leaves, weather, the vibes of nature and spooky 👻 excitement…. holiday bakes combined with the lovely aromas of my fave tea. It all … Gives me quite the thrill.

Since I spent the first half of this month on vacay, y’all noticed I’d dropped down to bear min. Which meant, a lack of themed writing and longer posts. Kudos to all the readers that kept in touch with me on all the channels. 😘🌹

This week: has been full of fun! Excitement. Adventures, work, projects and plenty of baking.

The classroom request: cupcakes, cupcakes and HAPPY FACES! 🤪


I will say, I think I’ve finally outdone myself this year. I’d always found myself saying, baked goods from scratch? MAN! If only I spent more time watching mom like a hawk. Not just in the kitchen fulfilling my part of the tasks she’d delegated.

Tradiciones: laughs and cheer, and plenty of great FREE tasters of moms delights always seemed to reel in the holiday season each year with so much enthusiasm. At the time, I may not have realized her logic but she had a lock down on unifying us with ever lasting lessons on teamwork. Everyone had a role. We’d chosen. Dad cracking jokes with mom, making dad jokes with us. Talking about our day and the latest show we’d all sat down and watched together. A brother with a smidge of flour to my face or another brother with a glob of butter to the other brothers face, laughter and cheer within sheer moments of family bonding always created a wholesome experience. No matter what holiday it was, or the treats and meals we took part in conducting, our holidays tended to be about conjuntos.


“I’d always told myself, it won’t ever be quite like moms. Until, I closed my eyes and entered a fond memory. There it was. All the answers I needed. Not a recipe book but rather all the steps, clues and memories of a recipe done right.”

The bloggerverse, only knows how many times I’ve preached about the importance of traditions and those I’ve carried on with my littles.

Meanwhile, as I baked these lovely treats, I’d forgotten I had poured myself a glass of red wine.

Buzz buzz!

We had so much fun putting these treats together that this year, we have decided to set up the holiday side table for Halloween as well. Full of Halloween themed treats and snacks. With trick or treating up in the air, courtesy of COVID land. We still want to create an enjoyable themed Halloween with scarrrrrry movie marathons 🍿 😎 in tow.

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