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Ever Dated Someone Who….

Your absolutely disgusted that you allowed them to touch your body at all


Based on the way they behaved during, afterwards AND presently, you know they NEVER deserved you in the first place…

When they would cause you to get upset and react to their bullshit, they’d never see it as oh my bad I’ve messed up enough to piss you off or hurt your feelings, but rather a…

Oh see your the one doing all the crazy.

~A boring small mind~

Desperate to control

You knew they didn’t deserve you BEFORE getting with them.

Where they’ve been in life and where their going in life is a shit show

The only thing attractive about them was the fake personality they portrayed, until they showed you that wasn’t who they really were and their ugly mind and ugly heart suddenly added to their ugly exterior.

You put your faith, support and belief in someone who merely wanted to con you

And you realize….

You lowered your standards to be with a nasty hot pile of SHIT.

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