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When you realize….

“I can’t believe I thought HE was someone special.”

“Cant believe I wasted 24 years of my life…for THAT.”

I do not look back fondly. Only disgustedly. It’s as though there were never any good memories. Just false illusions, eradicated by all the ugly toxic traits, experiences, AN ASSAULT and words he spoke. The mere fact that he never apologized for physically injuring me, owned up or took accountability, doesn’t leave me sad , hurt or any of the other emotions he hoped I’d have for it.

Notice I say HE HOPED.

It wasn’t enough for him to assault me, he had to continue the abuse through keyboard warriors-ship hoping to psychologically torture me.

We reap what we sew.

It left me feeling pity towards him. Disgust, disappointment, betrayed and deceived. He’s embodied by evil. Yet, he projects it all onto me.

Now, I do not look back fondly. For there is nothing fond to remember. Merely, a psychopath who justifies beating the dog shit out of a woman.

It’s the only memory I carry of him

You cannot UNASSAULT a Woman.

Here’s the thing: because I spent my time putting in the work, remaining single, doing ME, figuring out what needs healing and work, moving forward in my journey with MY blessings, he spent his time in others beds, ignoring what he did, justifying his actions, playing victim, spreading rumors, wishing Ill will upon me, cyber stalking me behind his other girls back, harassing me and sometimes threatening me…..

In hopes of forcing me to apologize for what HE did to me.

I realize not only is he a kid who could never be saved, he is also a person who chooses to remain stuck in his ugly vicious cycles rather than put in the work he needs to do for himself. To heal himself, fix himself to become a better person.

Childish, he remains stuck in his fifteen year old state of mind. drugs will do that to ya.

He can only love someone if there’s something in it for him

Such a filthy person, he spiels filth from his mouth. His perceptions are delusional, his thoughts filled with trash. His self sabotage game is ON POINT and he brings his own self undone..

Word from the wise: when one carry’s no remorse for their actions enacted upon others, they soon shall find themselves in scenarios where others lack remorse for them. -rarenwise

As for me, my days have been bright and cheerful . Filled with many blessings and great opportunities.

Life is in the up and up as I no longer have someone in my life who merely pretends to love me, dragging me down, back and forth on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. All for the sake of stunting my vibrations.

Who knew someone who claimed to love you could be secretly jealous of you. Carrying Intention to sabotage.

I mean it explains the assault. When one wants to control another so bad but doesn’t achieve that goal. It’ll make them lose their shit. Then wonder why your fed up and treating them like they’d been treating you. His desire to control others caused him to attack me. Why? Because my self love game is strong. He hated me for that. When you love yourself a narcissist cannot control you and that makes them livid.

My tried and trues have been allowed to continue to take part in the story, that a loser with no purpose and nothing better to do with his life ….but obsess over me…hoped he could shut down. So as we continue following along in the journey, all the rest of the fakes have been revoked. 😎✌️

With that said, let’s get back into the post…..

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