#stuffraresays (Poetic 6-11-16)

" In order to bring peace to your mind, you must first reach a healthy level of relaxation, focus, and clarity."  ©Rare-ity 6-11-16 ----------------------------------------------------- Still your mind. Take your time. Smell your coffee Simply breath Grab perspective Get reflective. Open perception Rally your incentive. Bring to life Your untimely seed Nourish that Your wholesome being … Continue reading #stuffraresays (Poetic 6-11-16)

Deeds (Poetic)

Bleeding desires Hearts on fire Dreams to aspire Don't get dire ©Rare-ity 6-9-16 I'm pretty busy this weekend. My apologies for the shorter posts. I've constructed a series of almost published posts today. Kinda...just ... wracking my brain. You shall soon see why.  😉 Late

Dwindlin’ (Poetry)

Hard hitting Pressing times A magic puff Protruding mines Loves dwindling Relationships hindering Disconnected Physicality kicked it Technology Untimely doom Killing friendships Me and you Shut it out Make it stop Enter the darkness Shine on your own Notice the small things Make them ring One day you'll be left Your tear stained sting. ©Rare-ity

Into the Storm (Inspirational Tuesday 4-19-16)~Surprise Poem at the end ;)

Storms..... what a concept. I spent the last few days watching it snow crazily, as if we were still dead in the middle of winter. However, not the kind of storm i'm talking about. Now think? Today, what is your storm? Struggling with substance abuse? Getting a divorce? Custody battles? Grief and loss? Civil cases? … Continue reading Into the Storm (Inspirational Tuesday 4-19-16)~Surprise Poem at the end 😉

Messages From Another Realm (Poetry)

She appears in my dreams Herself but surrean. Unspoken she stands Crafting her hands Uncommunicative,  She rarely speaks. When she does, It's a mystery. He rarely appears, Within my worlds. Faceless and distant, he still always smiles. His essence strong. A voice comes along. Thy messages are clear. Every sow that I hear. My dearest … Continue reading Messages From Another Realm (Poetry)

Night Time Sky (Poem)

Some days I stare off into the sky. Stars shine bright catching my eyes Constellations "predict" our lives Insightful spirits shed our ties. In the realm of night time haze. The silent hymn of a world dazed. Mindful thoughts we gain in faith The morning comes freshly in place. ©Rareity 4-7-16

Little One’s (Poem)

Little ones  Oh how you grow Sacred minds Beautifully in tow Oh little ones One day you'll show Reflections of your childhood  A home you'll never let go Within your futures Inevitable quakes You'll always remember what's at stake Dear little ones You will see A life beyond You and me ©Rareity 3-24-16   

No friend or Foe (Poetic Verse)

Ok... So maybe spring break has been busy. Abundance of little ones around, busy, and overwhelmed with overstimulation. My posting is slow. I'm looking forward to a normal week, next week. Maybe for now.... Enjoy this poetic verse: You cannot disappear on your little girl. Expect her to be...Yours to control. You will not reach. … Continue reading No friend or Foe (Poetic Verse)

Sleepy Land

Sleep? What is that? An unknown land of mystery unfolded each night as our eyelids drift closed. A dream world filled with puzzles, riddles and unknowns. Disturbed by children who do not sleep in, crucial moments you wish you could dream again. Rareity 12-28-15

Merry Christmas and To All AGood Day

Christmas time is here today A precious gift do not mistake Holiday cheer and joyous tears We venture to the last days of the year.  ©Rareity 12-25-15 Merry Christmas to you all. My dearest readers, your worth every post.  May today bring you beautiful blessings, and. Hopeful joy for the year to come.  Love Rareity

Baby Blue (Poem)

Your glistening eyes They make me beam Piercing through  My every seam  Precious girl  Sapphire blue Can't  help but stare  Into your gaze A beautiful hymn Quite full of grace Can't help but feel  You are my happy place.  😍©Rareity 12-23-15

Silent Struggles (Poem) Raising Anxiety Awareness

You don't know what to do To escape the vast doom Heart racing Wrenching  Pounding Anxiety driven Air swallowing  Your losing grip About to slip This reality, your a about to flip Your ribs and chest can't quite resist The ferocious creature inside your breast Fading in and swaying out Your simply bleeding your emotions … Continue reading Silent Struggles (Poem) Raising Anxiety Awareness

A December Gift

Precious moments pass us by Everyday we wonder why How we've lost so much time In a blink of our eyes A beautiful essence of golden Hughes Can't you see I've fallen for you Priceless gem I have been blessed Ultimate growth through thy darkness. ©Rareity 12-10-15