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#Stuffraresays (6-16-16)

Information is amazing. You learn so much about life, and things surrounding you. You just gotta know where to look.  A wise man knows not to take everything he receive's at face value.  Research versus argument Rather than argue about your disbelief, in another's opinion. Find out for your own. Always desire knowledge. For, it is through that discovery, … Continue reading #Stuffraresays (6-16-16)

Telemarketers: Why Do They Even STILL Exist.

Look! Telemarketers... This serves as my official message to all telemarketers First of all, why? ... Just why? "Hello, I'm going to call you and speak half English, part gibberish, and a third of 'I'm too nervous to really tell you why i'm calling'" You do realize When us consumers answer the phone, were going … Continue reading Telemarketers: Why Do They Even STILL Exist.

Eleven Things They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood

Alright! Sometimes, being a mom kinda.... SUCKS! Between the "Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!!!" "What?" "MOM!!!!!!" "WHAAAAT!!!" "I'm still hungry." "You JUST ate!" "BUT I"M HUNGRY!" "Go play." "I'm bored." "Then clean your room." "UGH! never mind." Ahhh that lovely sound of stomping feet. Or the: "Mom."  "Yeah?" "MOM" "YEAH???" "MOM!!!" "WHAT!!!!" That snicker comes out, … Continue reading Eleven Things They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood

Tell me why….

It's come to my attention that even with my YouTube posts, you all seem to enjoy the personal stuff more. At least that's what I get the most views on. Would I be ruining my YouTube channel posting family segments?


Always try to understand your reasons for doing things. That'll make your reflection process smoother.  When we do things without knowing the repercussions , or understanding why those repercussions occured, we then never learn to grow. ©Rareity 4-30-16


You know, we spend our entire lives searching for who we are. Our identity. When I read this post, it stirred so much reaction within me. For one, “Who am I? The question we ask ourselves often. Unless we define ourselves, we are nothing right? As goes for the saying, “You cannot find your dream job, unless you create it.”
To me, identity is your personality, your surroundings, your family, your traditions, your culture, job, and friends. Every factor that you can think of, comes together creating your identity. If you’re an actress like my favorite blogger Beautybeyondbones then you know the everyday life of an actor/actress is not an easy one. Many, struggle with substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, and much more. Why? Because in the dog eat dog world you eat, shit, and sleep what they tell you and want you to do. If your body is just a few pounds off from the way they want it, you must lose the weight. If you’re going to perform a full nude scene like cerci from Game of Thrones, your gonna HAVE to work your bottom off just to look the part. When I think of actor and actresses and the term identity I think of the fact that for so many years you are portrayed certain way. Some fans cannot differentiate that your character is not really who you are. That alone can create an identity battle. Don’t get me started on the friendship value for them either. Being famous might look fun, but in all reality if does honestly affect how people treat you. You never know when a friend is really a foe. I mean, really though aren’t we all struggling with that one? You get my point.

To me, I’ve struggled all my life to find mine. Why? Try being born into a musically talented family, starting your life off musically inclined, but also being quite the crafty writer. The day college came around and it came to picking my major… The sirens went up. “What the heck do I want to do with myself.” Thankfully psychology seemed interesting enough to study for six years. However, as I mentioned two posts ago in, “Did she really say that?” Some of us struggle forever, to never truly find out who we are. A true shame.
Next time you are struggling, or having an identity crisis, stop, take in a breath, and head to the mirror. Look yourself right in the eyes, and make your soul ask, “Who am I” because honestly…without realizing it, we already know.
Thanks Beautybeyondbones for allowing me to reblog this. If I’m wrong in any way, please let me know. I might cry a little bit (kidding) but I’ll be alright 😉


I have something exciting to share with you guys:)

I was recently interviewed by Jacob over on the blog, Lone Star Inspirations. And yesterday he posted the interview! So if you want to read a little more about Yours Truly, head on over there! And thanks, Jake, for wanting to interview me!

So. I’m a sucker for Buzzfeed. I spend waaaay too much time there. Catching up on everything from news, to celebrity gossip, to Disney quizzes, to the occasional random cat video.


I mean, I need to reevaluate my usage of spare time!

But anyways, I happened upon something rather interesting yesterday. And that was’s “Word of 2015.”

I won’t go into the Oxford Dictionary’s choice of word…or rather, nonword.They chose an emoji.Yes, you read that right — they chose the “laughing with tears of joy” emoji.



But chose a different word…

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Messages From Another Realm (Poetry)

She appears in my dreams Herself but surrean. Unspoken she stands Crafting her hands Uncommunicative,  She rarely speaks. When she does, It's a mystery. He rarely appears, Within my worlds. Faceless and distant, he still always smiles. His essence strong. A voice comes along. Thy messages are clear. Every sow that I hear. My dearest … Continue reading Messages From Another Realm (Poetry)

Am sorry..but you are UNATTRACTIVE..!!

This post gives me a lot to reflect on. No one sees your story, unless you tell it. People are not going to look art you and automatically know your struggling, and you shouldn’t expect them to. When your hurting inside with your own internal struggles, it’s always important to choose between understanding that you must still carry patience, or be that ugly person inside that makes everything about them.

Be Inspired..!!

Ok, so before you get your knickers in a twist by the baffling tagline, please stay with me because the word UNATTRACTIVE has nothing to do with looks or appearances.

Still there?

Great! Thank you.

Everyone wants to be a likeable person. Even the most introvert of people who like to quietly watch the crowd from a dark corner and be amused or jealous want to be known as  “not a bad person”. But then sometimes, even without knowing, we tend to do things that make us unattractive as a person so much so that people won’t even want to be near us. So lets look at such unattractive characteristics:

  1. You are Rude – Plain & simple. Now you might be working hard to save the world which is giving you unwanted anxiety and keeping you at edge or you might be frustrated with your life (Yea life is sad…

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When another treats you lowly it is a reflection of themselves, not of you. Oftentimes, those who treat you as incompetent are ignorant. Intelligence comes from knowledge. Wisdom is led by experience. Knowing when to utilize either is key. We are all of equal weight and uniqueness. #stuffraresays

No friend or Foe (Poetic Verse)

Ok... So maybe spring break has been busy. Abundance of little ones around, busy, and overwhelmed with overstimulation. My posting is slow. I'm looking forward to a normal week, next week. Maybe for now.... Enjoy this poetic verse: You cannot disappear on your little girl. Expect her to be...Yours to control. You will not reach. … Continue reading No friend or Foe (Poetic Verse)

Have I Ever Truly Introduced Myself?

I'll admit I'm pretty terrible with taking pictures n stuff. But I realize I've never actually given my readers a piece of who I am. OK so here goes: (apologies if the photos are full sized. My IPAD editor likes to play head games)   I'm adventurous Spontaneous Mysterious Me Brutally honest Precise Friendly Cheerful … Continue reading Have I Ever Truly Introduced Myself?

Making Time For Those Important To You

Sleep is an unknown realm in my reality. Well maybe I sleep a little. (Thought bubble: putting my two fingers up showing you my pinch of sleep.) Writing, functioning, editing????? Oh right that thing I used to do, when I was energetic 😛 OK so yeah, I might be slacking on my posts. It drives … Continue reading Making Time For Those Important To You

Extra Step to Taking Care of Yourself (S.O.W)

Sometimes, just a simple time away for yourself brings a world of difference within your soul. How often do you stop, and breath? Most importantly ponder and think. No, we don't always have to be contemplating the "Meaning of Life" but our lives, our world, and everything around us impacts how we feel, and how … Continue reading Extra Step to Taking Care of Yourself (S.O.W)

Keeping your Head up When Everything Feels Like It’s Falling Apart.

There will always be those moments where you feel like giving up. There will always be those feelings when you wonder where your self-worth is. Are you fulfilling your purpose in life? Do you feel like your still struggling to find who you are? Do you ever feel like you put so much time, effort, … Continue reading Keeping your Head up When Everything Feels Like It’s Falling Apart.

Clutter (Poem)

I close my eyes Contemplate thee Another subtlety Within me Shattered dreams On broken boulevards A world unknown to heroes and villains Tell me, you see what you see I'll tell you, "It is what it is" On my knees carving the path Trying to make sense through all the riff raff. ©Rareity 3-31-15  

Deadline TODAY: SUBMIT your FULL PLAY or 1st ACT PLAY Festival

Wow! For any of you out there wrking on a play script. This may be useful for you.

WILDsound Festival

Deadline TODAY: SUBMIT your FULL PLAY or 1st ACT PLAY Festival. Get your works showcased at 2015 festival events. FULL FEEDBACK on all entries:

WINNERS get their stageplay read at the Writing Festival.

WATCH the recent WINNING STAGEPLAY Readings –

Watch Recent PLAY Readings Performed at the Festival:

    February 2015 Reading
    Written by Chris Payne


NARRATOR – Sean Ballantyne
Mazen Tomedo – Vince Jerad
Lynn – Ida Jagaric
Chris – Rob Salerno
Doug – Jim Canale
Gerrie – Danielle Nicole
Miriam – Alissa DeGrazia

    * * * *
    November 2014 Reading
    Written by Gina Surles


NARRATOR – Amaka Umeh
MAGGIE – Marsha Mason
CATHERINE – Michelle Alexander
THOMAS – Rob Notman

    * * * *
    AWAKE TO MURDER – Stage Play
    September 2014 Reading
    Written by Reece Pocock


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