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The thing about being petty: Your the one who faces the wrath. trying to hurt others because you want to get one up on them, only shows the true color of your character. To be vain, is not living at all. in the end, YOU will always be the bad guy.

No matter the circumstances, do not accept defeat at any cost.

Always take the higher road, no matter how angry others make you. Two wrongs do not make a right.

One cannot lead with negative behavior for it merely encourages followers rather than inspiration. Choose your words, your thoughts, and behavior wisely. Be graceful with your charecter.

“He who sees only negative on the others around him, is merely reflecting that which is within himself.”

“When you allow yourself to get caught up in others negativity, your anger will be all you see, and feel.”

“Don’t let your mood, downfalls, or emotions stand in the way of your day. Get up. Dress up, and do what you gotta do. The reward: you’ll feel better. “

“Knowledge and wisdom is being inquisitive enough to discover and open-minded enough to consider.”

 “The secret to beauty is that what we carry inside. Follow your heart you’ll be surprised by what you find.”

Tell the ones you love that you love them give the ones you cherish your time and appreciate all that they are.

“Don’t get #discouraged even if it takes years to get somewhere as long as you keep going eventually you’ll get there.”

#life isn’t a #competition for who has the most or better #stuff #jobs or #relationships. Life is a #journey not a #race. The #choice is: being in it together or against each other.

 ” Beautiful days are ahead. Don’t let others dim your light because they want to be brighter . Every soul was meant for greatness. Embrace and harness. Be who you are meant to be” ‪#‎stuffraresays‬ ‪#‎wisdom‬ ‪#‎quote‬

      “Nothing is more fulfilling then following your passion. A great big beautiful world opens through that door

” It is only through sorrow that a storm may take you down, but with great inner strength we must rise up to defeat and defy.”

“It is not what we give others but how we made them feel, that they will hold onto.”

“Don’t forget to cherish each and every  moment with your loved ones, for you’ll never know when it might be your last.”

                          The 7 facts of life

1. Don’t spend time trying to turn back time.

2. Don’t waste your energy on those that don’t deserve it.

3. Anger is a painful harboring, that eventually even you can’t control.

4. Life is a riddle with plenty of obstacles to block our way.

5 .Don’t lose sight of yourself, your journey and inner-peace along the way.

6 .How we treat others says a lot about who we are.

7. The utter-most amazing kind of beauty is that which is inside our soul.

Life Lesson:

Many people seem to hang on to an ideal or an image of a person without necessarily getting to know that person. Many walk a path in this world, and many have their own personal scars to overcome. True maturity is when a person looks at someone for who they are, and not who they’ve been. People grow, people change, people learn.
It is our mere essence: “We live to learn” (Life Lesson #19) AND
“What you see on the surface, is not depth, it is a cover. Like a book, there is more then what meets the eye.” (Life lesson #16)

Life Lesson #40:

“As we grow, it is often our biggest battle to overcome those who have brought us down countless times. Beauty lays within the moment this no longer hinders us. Stand up, be strong, own who you are , and  know you are who you are. Nobody can take that away from you. “


Life Lesson: 

“Don’t spend your life focusing solely on making others happy. The simple act of neglecting your own happiness will cause unhappiness within you ” 


Life Lesson:

“The moment u feel u have to prove your worth to someone, they are no longer worth your time nor effort” 


Life Lesson:

“If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”


Life Lesson:

“The grass is always greener on the other side, until you get there. It is then you realize, it’s not all its cut out to be”


Life Lesson:

“Work hard, play hard,  and experience hard. Don’t be afraid to shake it up. The bottom line: Make sure you’re doing it for you.”


Life Lesson:

“Don’t get caught up in your worries. life doesn’t wait for you to catch up. Smile, stay strong and keep moving along” 


Life Lesson:

Patience is a virtue. With time, everything comes together.



Life Lesson:

Setbacks are like speed bumps. you drive through and just keep going.”



Life Lesson:

“Finding the right person isn’t JUST about them. One must find themselves, before they can find the right one.”



Life Lesson:

“Sometimes you gotta roll with the punches.  Make the best out of what you got. The reward:  Everything will fall into place.”

Life Lesson:

“Nobody will notice you, until you are being you.”


Life Lesson:

“In a life where  moments pass by so quickly, seize the day and embrace its beauty” 


Life Lesson:

“Life is too short to sit around wondering. Stand up, and stand strong for the sake of  making an impact.”


Life Lesson:

“There’s more to life then what meets the eye.”


Life Lesson:

“The key to happiness and fulfillment is embracing those moments, whether it be seizing an opportunity, or gaining closure on unfinished business.”


Life Lesson:

“Its starts with imagination. Make it your reality” 😉


Life Lesson:

“It doesn’t matter what choices you make, or path you create. What matters most is that you don’t lose yourself along the way.”


Life Lesson:

“Leadership is a virtue , that utilizes integrity, strength, logic, and wisdom. Most importantly, one cannot lead if they do not first set the example. We teach, we lead, and we love by example.”


Life Lesson:

“True leaders harbor other potential leaders. Empower those who seek you out.”


Life Lesson:

“Ah.. Change. Unmistakable change, without it we do not grow, but with it we sometimes lose that which matters the most to us.” 

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