Silent Struggles (Poem) Raising Anxiety Awareness

You don't know what to do To escape the vast doom Heart racing Wrenching  Pounding Anxiety driven Air swallowing  Your losing grip About to slip This reality, your a about to flip Your ribs and chest can't quite resist The ferocious creature inside your breast Fading in and swaying out Your simply bleeding your emotions … Continue reading Silent Struggles (Poem) Raising Anxiety Awareness

Surrounded (SOW and Poem)

Have you ever wondered about your life, relationships, you, friends, work, etc.? It's inevitable. Anxiety is a growing issue with people nowadays. It doesn't matter what gives you anxiety whether it be OCD, social situations, family difficulties, work stress, etc. Sometimes these things can range from mild to extreme, we cannot choose the impact of … Continue reading Surrounded (SOW and Poem)