#stuffraresays 5-14-16

"Never go after something that doesn't belong to you ... the ripples will turn into waves. " #stuffraresays ©Rareity 5-14-16 See a happy couple in the store, don't intervene. Want that job your friend has, don't sabatoge them to get it. Etc. Life isn't about going after what's not yours, but going after your destiny. … Continue reading #stuffraresays 5-14-16

The Goal or the Ambition? Maybe…Both?

The moment you realize you DO deserve better is the moment you should hold onto, because once you feel that way, your feelings will never change. Instead, keep pushing forward and working towards achieving the goals you desire. Otherwise, you'll always stay just right where you’re at. As we travel through life, we tend to … Continue reading The Goal or the Ambition? Maybe…Both?