The Road Driven

One that seems like family. Thank you readers for your dedication and support. Our humble abode has grown over the years. All while, I too have grown right before your eyes. With the truest intent and most genuine of love. I am grateful for your presence and look forward to the new chapters to come.

Parenting, and what it means to you.

Alright readers the book is coming. I know you’ve enjoyed my poetry, and probably miss it. However, I’ve been working diligently on a poetry book, with some of my poems from here but completely edited. However, there will be lots of new stuff too. I’m in the process of getting the book approved, and working … Continue reading Parenting, and what it means to you.

Clutter (Poem)

I close my eyes Contemplate thee Another subtlety Within me Shattered dreams On broken boulevards A world unknown to heroes and villains Tell me, you see what you see I'll tell you, "It is what it is" On my knees carving the path Trying to make sense through all the riff raff. ©Rareity 3-31-15  


"The most important key to making a difference is standing up, speaking up, and fighting for what you believe in. With constructive communication, and positive interaction you can always go far and beyond." Rareity

Patience is a virtue…. (Life Lesson)

"Patience is a virtue."  My father quoted a lot. A concept I have always appreciated. I suppose I enjoyed his teachings, thoughts and opinions, because every word that came from his mouth was always contemplative, like a puzzle waiting to be solved. I enjoyed the little bits and pieces that came out. He was quite … Continue reading Patience is a virtue…. (Life Lesson)

The smelly horror that almost was

  I was walking down the road one night, minding my own business. It was dark though; couldn't see much. Suddenly there were headlights blaring at me. “Oh NO!!...near death experience …Phew!.” The car drove around me. I froze for a moment, and ran to the side of the road. I almost sprayed myself. I continued on my … Continue reading The smelly horror that almost was