Shaping Our Lives (S.O.W)

It's not what you do sometimes, it's what you do constantly that shapes your life."  I hear the comment, "If I had more time." Often. However, time isn't key, priority is. It's not about and's if or buts, but the simple desire of wanting something bad enough you wont stop at anything to achieve it. … Continue reading Shaping Our Lives (S.O.W)

“Original Vs. New” A Perspective View

This morning, as the family sat eagerly to watch the original video of the cartoon Teen Titans. I couldn't help but let my thoughts drifts.. Have you ever noticed with every movie, every show, every cartoon, every sitcom, etc. the original is always the best version of every spin. The question is: is it because … Continue reading “Original Vs. New” A Perspective View