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Treats! Sweets! And Parties!

We had so much fun putting these ….

The Road Driven

One that seems like family. Thank you readers for your dedication and support. Our humble abode has grown over the years. All while, I too have grown right before your eyes. With the truest intent and most genuine of love. I am grateful for your presence and look forward to the new chapters to come.

Eleven Things They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood

Alright! Sometimes, being a mom kinda.... SUCKS! Between the "Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!!!" "What?" "MOM!!!!!!" "WHAAAAT!!!" "I'm still hungry." "You JUST ate!" "BUT I"M HUNGRY!" "Go play." "I'm bored." "Then clean your room." "UGH! never mind." Ahhh that lovely sound of stomping feet. Or the: "Mom."  "Yeah?" "MOM" "YEAH???" "MOM!!!" "WHAT!!!!" That snicker comes out, … Continue reading Eleven Things They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood

Dwindlin’ (Poetry)

Hard hitting Pressing times A magic puff Protruding mines Loves dwindling Relationships hindering Disconnected Physicality kicked it Technology Untimely doom Killing friendships Me and you Shut it out Make it stop Enter the darkness Shine on your own Notice the small things Make them ring One day you'll be left Your tear stained sting. ©Rare-ity

Into the Brightness (Inspirational Tuesday 5-17-16)

As the beauty of life grows gracefully around us. Cabin fever is settling at bay. I do enjoy the new hope all the growing life around us represents. It's such a relieving feeling. Almost tranquil. Knowing that if the trees, grass, bushes, and flowers around us could survive harsh climates all winter long, we too … Continue reading Into the Brightness (Inspirational Tuesday 5-17-16)

Crystal’s Tale (Sandy And Her Teenage Shenanigans)

"If you can't figure out where the root is, you wont be able to pull the weeds." ©Rare-ity 5-5-16 #stuffraresays  Jane sat at the dinner table with Sandy. Sandy had been struggling with some issues recently, but didn't understand why or know what her problem was. Teenagers these days. Sandy had gotten into trouble recently … Continue reading Crystal’s Tale (Sandy And Her Teenage Shenanigans)

Tell me why….

It's come to my attention that even with my YouTube posts, you all seem to enjoy the personal stuff more. At least that's what I get the most views on. Would I be ruining my YouTube channel posting family segments?

"Patience is a virtue" #stuffraresays I'll always remember hearing dad say this to me. The essence of his shadow reverberates.  Every day I  teach this to my children, as a means to pass on the knowledge. In life, we experience moments when we feel like giving others high fives in the forhead! Meh... Don't. Just … Continue reading

Did She Really Just Say That?

Alright! It's Friday. Crystal's tale.... I know. I promised. (Rolling eyes in disappointment.) It's been a rough week. Appointments are becoming more trouble then their worth, and well... Dang it!  Let me tell you a little story about that struggle of motherhood I mention every once in a while. I have this beautiful, brilliant, ball … Continue reading Did She Really Just Say That?

Into the Storm (Inspirational Tuesday 4-19-16)~Surprise Poem at the end ;)

Storms..... what a concept. I spent the last few days watching it snow crazily, as if we were still dead in the middle of winter. However, not the kind of storm i'm talking about. Now think? Today, what is your storm? Struggling with substance abuse? Getting a divorce? Custody battles? Grief and loss? Civil cases? … Continue reading Into the Storm (Inspirational Tuesday 4-19-16)~Surprise Poem at the end 😉

Messages From Another Realm (Poetry)

She appears in my dreams Herself but surrean. Unspoken she stands Crafting her hands Uncommunicative,  She rarely speaks. When she does, It's a mystery. He rarely appears, Within my worlds. Faceless and distant, he still always smiles. His essence strong. A voice comes along. Thy messages are clear. Every sow that I hear. My dearest … Continue reading Messages From Another Realm (Poetry)

Judge….Mental with three ice cubes please.

Good morning glorious readers. I have officially figured out why I've struggled to post my memes and gif's in the recent times. For months now, I've been struggling with the WiFi connection on my work computer. Seems the WiFi doesn't truly reach that far. (Rolling eyes) so for five months I have been forced to … Continue reading Judge….Mental with three ice cubes please.

Would you do better if you felt substantially supported?

Ask yourself this: What Is your passion? When you think about aquiring your goals do you cringe, or become ecstatic?  Not everyone has good support. Writers, artists, musicians, woodworkers, etc. they all tailor their unique craft, when you don't have support and encouragement, you kinda just... Fall through the cracks. I mean... Who wants to … Continue reading Would you do better if you felt substantially supported?


When another treats you lowly it is a reflection of themselves, not of you. Oftentimes, those who treat you as incompetent are ignorant. Intelligence comes from knowledge. Wisdom is led by experience. Knowing when to utilize either is key. We are all of equal weight and uniqueness. #stuffraresays


Be careful how you treat others. You may think you know more, and you may think your higher. The key: it is in that thinking that you know better, that says you dont. True maturity stems from understanding we don't know everything. ©Rareity #stuffraresays

Single Parenthood: The Struggle is Real!!!!

"When you let someone anger you, you are giving them power over you."  How many of you have heard this phrase? It's a pretty universal concept. In this great wonderful, mysterious world we live in, we encounter many people on the daily. Some you simply pass on by without a second glance. Others, you may … Continue reading Single Parenthood: The Struggle is Real!!!!

No friend or Foe (Poetic Verse)

Ok... So maybe spring break has been busy. Abundance of little ones around, busy, and overwhelmed with overstimulation. My posting is slow. I'm looking forward to a normal week, next week. Maybe for now.... Enjoy this poetic verse: You cannot disappear on your little girl. Expect her to be...Yours to control. You will not reach. … Continue reading No friend or Foe (Poetic Verse)

Toxic Anything Does More Harm Than Good

Don't let others bring you down. Your self worth is far more valuable then you know. If others around you choose to offend, hurt, demean, or degrade you, deep down they are your enemy. Toxic people have a way of making others around them feel less than. In fact, somehow it's always the target that … Continue reading Toxic Anything Does More Harm Than Good

Emotional Pain Versus Physical Pain (SOW)

As promised, I'd mentioned a while back that I'd be posting about this topic.  What is pain really?  Can you remember the last time you stubbed your toe on your bed, or a chair, or even the dresser?  It's that moment when you seize up in excruciating pain. Sometimes, we may even yell, "Fawk!" Followed … Continue reading Emotional Pain Versus Physical Pain (SOW)

"Face head on, the challenge you most fear." #stuffraresays Nothing is more fulfilling than facing your fears. If it doesn't scare you, it might not really be worth doing in the first place. I've said in the past, that great things come from stepping outside your comfort zone. They do. The bottom line will be: … Continue reading

Making Time For Those Important To You

Sleep is an unknown realm in my reality. Well maybe I sleep a little. (Thought bubble: putting my two fingers up showing you my pinch of sleep.) Writing, functioning, editing????? Oh right that thing I used to do, when I was energetic 😛 OK so yeah, I might be slacking on my posts. It drives … Continue reading Making Time For Those Important To You

Merry Christmas and To All AGood Day

Christmas time is here today A precious gift do not mistake Holiday cheer and joyous tears We venture to the last days of the year.  ©Rareity 12-25-15 Merry Christmas to you all. My dearest readers, your worth every post.  May today bring you beautiful blessings, and. Hopeful joy for the year to come.  Love Rareity

Extra Step to Taking Care of Yourself (S.O.W)

Sometimes, just a simple time away for yourself brings a world of difference within your soul. How often do you stop, and breath? Most importantly ponder and think. No, we don't always have to be contemplating the "Meaning of Life" but our lives, our world, and everything around us impacts how we feel, and how … Continue reading Extra Step to Taking Care of Yourself (S.O.W)

Christmas Songs and Holiday Bliss

My four favorite songs for Christmas are: “Sleigh Ride” “Silent Night” “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas” “Chestnut’s roasting on an open fire” (The Christmas Song) Today I stumbled across one very beautiful arrangement of “Silent Night”. I’m not a big TV, or YouTube fan, but I will admit that I can enjoy watching the … Continue reading Christmas Songs and Holiday Bliss

“Original Vs. New” A Perspective View

This morning, as the family sat eagerly to watch the original video of the cartoon Teen Titans. I couldn't help but let my thoughts drifts.. Have you ever noticed with every movie, every show, every cartoon, every sitcom, etc. the original is always the best version of every spin. The question is: is it because … Continue reading “Original Vs. New” A Perspective View