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He didn’t love her enough to supersede the…

Into the Storm (Inspirational Tuesday 4-19-16)~Surprise Poem at the end ;)

Storms..... what a concept. I spent the last few days watching it snow crazily, as if we were still dead in the middle of winter. However, not the kind of storm i'm talking about. Now think? Today, what is your storm? Struggling with substance abuse? Getting a divorce? Custody battles? Grief and loss? Civil cases? … Continue reading Into the Storm (Inspirational Tuesday 4-19-16)~Surprise Poem at the end 😉

Messages From Another Realm (Poetry)

She appears in my dreams Herself but surrean. Unspoken she stands Crafting her hands Uncommunicative,  She rarely speaks. When she does, It's a mystery. He rarely appears, Within my worlds. Faceless and distant, he still always smiles. His essence strong. A voice comes along. Thy messages are clear. Every sow that I hear. My dearest … Continue reading Messages From Another Realm (Poetry)

Crystal’s Tale Part 7 (Growing Pains)

As Crystal sat with her legs crossed on the bench. She watched her teammates run up and down the court. She covered her eyes and shook her head, as the tension rose. Their opponents were challenging them. Block after block, the game was getting intense. Only two points ahead, and the other team is gaining. … Continue reading Crystal’s Tale Part 7 (Growing Pains)

Are Fears Holding You Back?

My greatest feared doom:  The reality that someday we will all die. 😨 Frankly, it freaks me out. Probably because it isn't an irrational fear such as planes, or whatever else is out there. Honestly, the probability of a plane crash is most definitely lower then the probability of death. It's.... Inevitable.   Birth... Death... Hospitals...  … Continue reading Are Fears Holding You Back?

Emotional Pain Versus Physical Pain (SOW)

As promised, I'd mentioned a while back that I'd be posting about this topic.  What is pain really?  Can you remember the last time you stubbed your toe on your bed, or a chair, or even the dresser?  It's that moment when you seize up in excruciating pain. Sometimes, we may even yell, "Fawk!" Followed … Continue reading Emotional Pain Versus Physical Pain (SOW)

A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicles (Breaking Point)

"Nothing is more painful then a moment of impact. Either you take hold of the reigns and ride it through, or you just let it knock you down. The turmoil is bold ." From his point of view.  Two of my children, sat at in the hospital chapel conversing. Looking down in defeat, they hashed … Continue reading A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicles (Breaking Point)

Response to BLOGGER titled, “I Killed HIS Baby.”

I stumbled upon this blog tonight. It gave me a lot to ponder. You see, this blogger expressed something so utterly nerve wracking for her to speak that I give her a lot of credit for being brave enough to post Hearing the hurt in her post, I decided as I always do to speak … Continue reading Response to BLOGGER titled, “I Killed HIS Baby.”

A Struggle for People Recovering from Addiction

Alright readers, I'm opening up the/my criteria. Often, I find myself spreading my SOW (Sprouts of wisdom) into daily moments of my life. When I’m scrolling through social media, I see friends of mine and sometimes strangers posting about their struggles. I generally opt to share my words with them. However, tonight a brilliant idea came … Continue reading A Struggle for People Recovering from Addiction

How your thought process affects your life

Life isn’t always easy. We have our struggles. All of us do. I suppose that’s what wears every single one of us down. Emotionally, physically, mentally you’re slowing down. This can be seen badly, it can be seen as good. The difference truly lies in the perception of this statement. I know I don’t always, … Continue reading How your thought process affects your life

Clutter (Poem)

I close my eyes Contemplate thee Another subtlety Within me Shattered dreams On broken boulevards A world unknown to heroes and villains Tell me, you see what you see I'll tell you, "It is what it is" On my knees carving the path Trying to make sense through all the riff raff. ©Rareity 3-31-15