Shaping Our Lives (S.O.W)

It's not what you do sometimes, it's what you do constantly that shapes your life."  I hear the comment, "If I had more time." Often. However, time isn't key, priority is. It's not about and's if or buts, but the simple desire of wanting something bad enough you wont stop at anything to achieve it. … Continue reading Shaping Our Lives (S.O.W)

Parenting, and what it means to you.

Alright readers the book is coming. I know you’ve enjoyed my poetry, and probably miss it. However, I’ve been working diligently on a poetry book, with some of my poems from here but completely edited. However, there will be lots of new stuff too. I’m in the process of getting the book approved, and working … Continue reading Parenting, and what it means to you.

How your thought process affects your life

Life isn’t always easy. We have our struggles. All of us do. I suppose that’s what wears every single one of us down. Emotionally, physically, mentally you’re slowing down. This can be seen badly, it can be seen as good. The difference truly lies in the perception of this statement. I know I don’t always, … Continue reading How your thought process affects your life

Crystal’s Tale (Pt. 4)

While growing up, Crystal’s mom often spoke fondly about the many bits of wisdom her dad had divulged. It was her favorite part of growing up. Being given the gift of deeper knowledge, pondering, and contemplation. Those quotes, thoughts, and inspirations stayed with her mother. Often, her mother found herself sharing these same teachings to … Continue reading Crystal’s Tale (Pt. 4)

Clutter (Poem)

I close my eyes Contemplate thee Another subtlety Within me Shattered dreams On broken boulevards A world unknown to heroes and villains Tell me, you see what you see I'll tell you, "It is what it is" On my knees carving the path Trying to make sense through all the riff raff. ©Rareity 3-31-15  

A Thought for Valentines (w/ special poem)

This post goes out to all of my readers on this day. Valentine’s Day. A day for lovers? Maybe not. I believe that love comes in all forms. Whether it’s loving your parents, your children, your brothers, sisters, friends, animals, and work friends. The true purpose of today isn't just about needing a date, partner, … Continue reading A Thought for Valentines (w/ special poem)

Growing (Poem)

A Little rough around the edges I hope you enjoy the effort. Remember when? Young and innocent. Naive and free. Reckless and stupid. Strong and invincible. Silly mistakes. Unchangeable choices. A path. A mold. Growing old. No longer young. Life weakens our only shell. Eventually crumbling. Until there's none. Throw out all those regrets. Don't … Continue reading Growing (Poem)