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The Road Driven

One that seems like family. Thank you readers for your dedication and support. Our humble abode has grown over the years. All while, I too have grown right before your eyes. With the truest intent and most genuine of love. I am grateful for your presence and look forward to the new chapters to come.

#Stuffraresays (6-16-16)

Information is amazing. You learn so much about life, and things surrounding you. You just gotta know where to look.  A wise man knows not to take everything he receive's at face value.  Research versus argument Rather than argue about your disbelief, in another's opinion. Find out for your own. Always desire knowledge. For, it is through that discovery, … Continue reading #Stuffraresays (6-16-16)

Inspirational Tuesday 6-7-16

Some days, there's not always that inspirational tug to pull from. Sometimes, I just want to unplug and completely disconnect. There is so much opportunity during the summer, that I just can't help myself. 😁😇 My apologies, today I ran late with my inspirational Tuesday. However, I did take one side note with me The … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday 6-7-16

#stuffraresays 5-29-16

"There is beauty in even the most simplist things. You must first have patience to notice it. Things tend to go missing through a face paced mindset." #stuffraresays ©Rare-ity 5-29-16 ------------------------------------------------ Sometimes, we get so caught up in our world of technology, that we forget to notice the world around us. We forget that a … Continue reading #stuffraresays 5-29-16

Into the Brightness (Inspirational Tuesday 5-17-16)

As the beauty of life grows gracefully around us. Cabin fever is settling at bay. I do enjoy the new hope all the growing life around us represents. It's such a relieving feeling. Almost tranquil. Knowing that if the trees, grass, bushes, and flowers around us could survive harsh climates all winter long, we too … Continue reading Into the Brightness (Inspirational Tuesday 5-17-16)

A kind of Inspirational Tuesday bla bla bla 5-10-16

Once upon a time, I started this blog as an inspirational and poetic journal of my life. Ultimately, I wanted to turn it into an advice column. (Does that sound stupid?) However, the advice inquiries come far and few. I'm honestly at a loss of what to do with it anymore. Some days, I consider … Continue reading A kind of Inspirational Tuesday bla bla bla 5-10-16

Crystal’s Tale (Sandy And Her Teenage Shenanigans)

"If you can't figure out where the root is, you wont be able to pull the weeds." ©Rare-ity 5-5-16 #stuffraresays  Jane sat at the dinner table with Sandy. Sandy had been struggling with some issues recently, but didn't understand why or know what her problem was. Teenagers these days. Sandy had gotten into trouble recently … Continue reading Crystal’s Tale (Sandy And Her Teenage Shenanigans)

"Patience is a virtue" #stuffraresays I'll always remember hearing dad say this to me. The essence of his shadow reverberates.  Every day I  teach this to my children, as a means to pass on the knowledge. In life, we experience moments when we feel like giving others high fives in the forhead! Meh... Don't. Just … Continue reading

Into the Storm (Inspirational Tuesday 4-19-16)~Surprise Poem at the end ;)

Storms..... what a concept. I spent the last few days watching it snow crazily, as if we were still dead in the middle of winter. However, not the kind of storm i'm talking about. Now think? Today, what is your storm? Struggling with substance abuse? Getting a divorce? Custody battles? Grief and loss? Civil cases? … Continue reading Into the Storm (Inspirational Tuesday 4-19-16)~Surprise Poem at the end 😉

Would you do better if you felt substantially supported?

Ask yourself this: What Is your passion? When you think about aquiring your goals do you cringe, or become ecstatic?  Not everyone has good support. Writers, artists, musicians, woodworkers, etc. they all tailor their unique craft, when you don't have support and encouragement, you kinda just... Fall through the cracks. I mean... Who wants to … Continue reading Would you do better if you felt substantially supported?


When another treats you lowly it is a reflection of themselves, not of you. Oftentimes, those who treat you as incompetent are ignorant. Intelligence comes from knowledge. Wisdom is led by experience. Knowing when to utilize either is key. We are all of equal weight and uniqueness. #stuffraresays