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He didn’t come to be a part of her life he only came for what he wanted her to do for him

Telemarketers: Why Do They Even STILL Exist.

Look! Telemarketers... This serves as my official message to all telemarketers First of all, why? ... Just why? "Hello, I'm going to call you and speak half English, part gibberish, and a third of 'I'm too nervous to really tell you why i'm calling'" You do realize When us consumers answer the phone, were going … Continue reading Telemarketers: Why Do They Even STILL Exist.

“Original Vs. New” A Perspective View

This morning, as the family sat eagerly to watch the original video of the cartoon Teen Titans. I couldn't help but let my thoughts drifts.. Have you ever noticed with every movie, every show, every cartoon, every sitcom, etc. the original is always the best version of every spin. The question is: is it because … Continue reading “Original Vs. New” A Perspective View

Parenting, and what it means to you.

Alright readers the book is coming. I know you’ve enjoyed my poetry, and probably miss it. However, I’ve been working diligently on a poetry book, with some of my poems from here but completely edited. However, there will be lots of new stuff too. I’m in the process of getting the book approved, and working … Continue reading Parenting, and what it means to you.

When Having Those Daily Struggles Try to Dominate Your Life

I found myself rolling over in bed this morning. Contemplating whether I  should get up at 6am, or just close my eyes and slumber for another hour. My eyes became heavy again as I started to drift back into sleepy land. Suddenly a thought occured in my head.  "If I lose my motivation now, nothing … Continue reading When Having Those Daily Struggles Try to Dominate Your Life

Crystal’s Tale (Pt. 4)

While growing up, Crystal’s mom often spoke fondly about the many bits of wisdom her dad had divulged. It was her favorite part of growing up. Being given the gift of deeper knowledge, pondering, and contemplation. Those quotes, thoughts, and inspirations stayed with her mother. Often, her mother found herself sharing these same teachings to … Continue reading Crystal’s Tale (Pt. 4)