#stuffraresays 5-29-16

"There is beauty in even the most simplist things. You must first have patience to notice it. Things tend to go missing through a face paced mindset." #stuffraresays ©Rare-ity 5-29-16 ------------------------------------------------ Sometimes, we get so caught up in our world of technology, that we forget to notice the world around us. We forget that a … Continue reading #stuffraresays 5-29-16

Into the Brightness (Inspirational Tuesday 5-17-16)

As the beauty of life grows gracefully around us. Cabin fever is settling at bay. I do enjoy the new hope all the growing life around us represents. It's such a relieving feeling. Almost tranquil. Knowing that if the trees, grass, bushes, and flowers around us could survive harsh climates all winter long, we too … Continue reading Into the Brightness (Inspirational Tuesday 5-17-16)

A Forgotten Generation (SoW)

SoW= Sprouts of Wisdom I was strolling through my feed this evening and saw a quote around the lines of “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.” Quoted by Dalai Lama The sad part is, more people thrive on drama, strife, … Continue reading A Forgotten Generation (SoW)

Spring Renewal (Poem)

Photography by: Amanda Gordon   As spring renews our listless souls Resurrection transfers in our bones Another year has come to pass Relentless days of winters pest Summertime comes with burning fury Lighting faith in every theory A new life, and new growth A world-changing within strokes Surviving yesterdays hard-hitting glory. Beginning new memories and … Continue reading Spring Renewal (Poem)

Poem Prompt (Using: Brick wall, fence, tree, diamond, ocean waves)

I sit in this room, staring at a brick wall. To many distractions, to even keep count. Today my girly; bought me a necklace. Reminds me of diamond sprinkles; in the snow. Winters great, but it's also lame. Stuck inside more often; metaphorically fenced in. Here's the plus; my front views got a tree. The truest … Continue reading Poem Prompt (Using: Brick wall, fence, tree, diamond, ocean waves)

Prompt (Write about nature using hard drive, stapler, car, billboard, phone.)

I'm surrounded by beautiful nature. I want to go out on an adventure. I hopped in my car and took a hard-drive. Forgot that I left my phone back home. "Shoot!" I smack the steering wheel. "Ouch!" Now remembering the injury on my palm. Stabbed by the stapler, I rubbed the pain away.  I took the scenic … Continue reading Prompt (Write about nature using hard drive, stapler, car, billboard, phone.)