Sunday Musing

What I once may have taken for granted. A father dedicated to my productive growth. Mentally, physically and wholesomely a dad committed to a humble home. As I grew into a mother myself, I began to see beyond the clouds. Not just their reasons for all my woes but rather the dreams they (mom and … Continue reading Sunday Musing

Inspirational Tuesday 6-7-16

Some days, there's not always that inspirational tug to pull from. Sometimes, I just want to unplug and completely disconnect. There is so much opportunity during the summer, that I just can't help myself. 😁😇 My apologies, today I ran late with my inspirational Tuesday. However, I did take one side note with me The … Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday 6-7-16

Telemarketers: Why Do They Even STILL Exist.

Look! Telemarketers... This serves as my official message to all telemarketers First of all, why? ... Just why? "Hello, I'm going to call you and speak half English, part gibberish, and a third of 'I'm too nervous to really tell you why i'm calling'" You do realize When us consumers answer the phone, were going … Continue reading Telemarketers: Why Do They Even STILL Exist.

Eleven Things They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood

Alright! Sometimes, being a mom kinda.... SUCKS! Between the "Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!!!" "What?" "MOM!!!!!!" "WHAAAAT!!!" "I'm still hungry." "You JUST ate!" "BUT I"M HUNGRY!" "Go play." "I'm bored." "Then clean your room." "UGH! never mind." Ahhh that lovely sound of stomping feet. Or the: "Mom."  "Yeah?" "MOM" "YEAH???" "MOM!!!" "WHAT!!!!" That snicker comes out, … Continue reading Eleven Things They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood

#stuffraresays 5-29-16

"There is beauty in even the most simplist things. You must first have patience to notice it. Things tend to go missing through a face paced mindset." #stuffraresays ©Rare-ity 5-29-16 ------------------------------------------------ Sometimes, we get so caught up in our world of technology, that we forget to notice the world around us. We forget that a … Continue reading #stuffraresays 5-29-16

Tell me why….

It's come to my attention that even with my YouTube posts, you all seem to enjoy the personal stuff more. At least that's what I get the most views on. Would I be ruining my YouTube channel posting family segments?

Did She Really Just Say That?

Alright! It's Friday. Crystal's tale.... I know. I promised. (Rolling eyes in disappointment.) It's been a rough week. Appointments are becoming more trouble then their worth, and well... Dang it!  Let me tell you a little story about that struggle of motherhood I mention every once in a while. I have this beautiful, brilliant, ball … Continue reading Did She Really Just Say That?

Single Parenthood: The Struggle is Real!!!!

"When you let someone anger you, you are giving them power over you."  How many of you have heard this phrase? It's a pretty universal concept. In this great wonderful, mysterious world we live in, we encounter many people on the daily. Some you simply pass on by without a second glance. Others, you may … Continue reading Single Parenthood: The Struggle is Real!!!!

No friend or Foe (Poetic Verse)

Ok... So maybe spring break has been busy. Abundance of little ones around, busy, and overwhelmed with overstimulation. My posting is slow. I'm looking forward to a normal week, next week. Maybe for now.... Enjoy this poetic verse: You cannot disappear on your little girl. Expect her to be...Yours to control. You will not reach. … Continue reading No friend or Foe (Poetic Verse)

Why Teenagers Shouldn’t be Allowed to work as Life Guards

Sandy had a sleepover with a new friend. The next day, they decided they would go swimming. For the first time, she'd get to go swimming without her parents. They were excited. They met up with some friends, and while they were swimming, Angel saw something at the bottom of the pool, "What the heck … Continue reading Why Teenagers Shouldn’t be Allowed to work as Life Guards

Random Musings in the Morning Sun

I bet you missed Journey. It's been a while. I know you all probably noticed I skipped this weeks inspirational Tuesday. The week was busy. Between snow storms, school cancelations, car problems, rememberances, and edits, I have been ... What's the word... Not drained... Not dazed... Not distracted... Eh... 🤔 So it's Friday, I've been … Continue reading Random Musings in the Morning Sun

Detective Work on The Move 

Have you ever had one of those days where you know you should be productive but your brain is in malfunction mode? Yeah!  Lately, I'm having.a lot of those days. Between interrupted sleep, chronic back pain, choo choo trains, continued light saber wars, homework,  breakfast, lunch, dinner, constantly feeding baby, unsuccessful naps, shower nights...  lions, … Continue reading Detective Work on The Move 

Making Time For Those Important To You

Sleep is an unknown realm in my reality. Well maybe I sleep a little. (Thought bubble: putting my two fingers up showing you my pinch of sleep.) Writing, functioning, editing????? Oh right that thing I used to do, when I was energetic 😛 OK so yeah, I might be slacking on my posts. It drives … Continue reading Making Time For Those Important To You

Sleepy Land

Sleep? What is that? An unknown land of mystery unfolded each night as our eyelids drift closed. A dream world filled with puzzles, riddles and unknowns. Disturbed by children who do not sleep in, crucial moments you wish you could dream again. Rareity 12-28-15

Merry Christmas and To All AGood Day

Christmas time is here today A precious gift do not mistake Holiday cheer and joyous tears We venture to the last days of the year.  ©Rareity 12-25-15 Merry Christmas to you all. My dearest readers, your worth every post.  May today bring you beautiful blessings, and. Hopeful joy for the year to come.  Love Rareity